Still Catching Up – An Old Post

In Costa Rica, Lola began to hit some pretty incredible inchstones. She began to mimic kissey noises when we made them first. She began sitting up unassisted for extremely long periods of time although she still does not understand the concept of falling hurts and I take full responsibility for that. I just can’t sit and watch her bang her head repeatedly. Once we are settled in to our house where we have a bit of carpet, I will be more apt to letting her fall. She also began to push herself up on all fours which is HUGE!! She doesn’t know where to go once she is up there, but she’ll figure it out in due time.

The chica is so strong she can even do the plank! Sadly, I can’t even do it for as long as my little muscle babe can.

Lola’s eyesight is improving every single day. She is looking at us dead in the eye, she tracks our movement and she mimics facial expressions. It is truly a miracle!

And so came our last day in Costa Rica. It was sad yet exciting. Knowing we were about to leave those that we love dearly, but also knowing we were about to embark on the next journey in our lives. It felt surreal. We spent the day packing and weighing luggage. I couldn’t help but cry every time I thought about saying goodbye to my parents, but I knew we were making the right decision. I sort of sat back and let my parents and friends enjoy their time with Lola. I know we’ll all see each other again, but we have a lot of life to put together in the United States.

So we’re off – we love you Costa Rica and we hope to be welcomed by you once again in the future. We will take from you some amazing memories! Gracias por todo!