In Case You Missed the Big News…

I had planned to write this elaborate post about how amazing Lola is doing with her walking, but I have a little baby boy (two months today!) who is wanting to be near his mama. And today I’m choosing to embrace his need to be close because time is indeed flying by. I don’t want to be that mom who wishes she had put down the technology in order to be more present in her life. I want to be an active part of it. So I’ll simply let you see for yourself how well Lola is walking…

I literally watch these videos several times a day. I’m so proud of our daughter and all of the hard work she has put in to achieve this incredible milestone. Yeah for Lola and all of the craziness that goes along with having a walking toddler! We’ve waited a long time for it so with that I say…bring it on!

And a few pictures to leave you with…I must say what good looking kids Rob and I make!






Have a great weekend!!