Only One More Left

Thursday my mom drove Lola and me to therapy with Moisés. It is hard to believe we only have one more session left with him. I’ve been a bit emotional lately and I was in tears telling him how much he has meant to our family. The physical strength and transformation we have seen in Lola is all thanks to Moisés. You could see the happiness he felt knowing how far Lola has come. His quote of the day was “she’s doing so great” which of course was like music to our ears.

Lola spent most of the time vertical in what Moisés calls the “ligas”. This is crucial for Lola’s balance and it helps for her to understand the feeling of being upright. She did amazing! She normally wants to jump and play when she is placed on her legs, but she was working hard with Moisés, She felt different textures on her feet, she felt the change in weight distribution and she got to do fun stuff as well like flip upside down. She didn’t quite know what to think at first, but she was laughing by the end of it.

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Moisés also worked with Lola sitting unassisted. It had been quite a while since I asked “when” Lola would be able to do something, but she is so darn close to sitting by herself, I couldn’t help myself. I will note, I wasn’t asking in a “why isn’t she doing it yet” tone. I was asking in a “she’s almost there should we take away the Bumbo seat because maybe it is restricting her” sort of way. Moisés said it was time to ditch the Bumbo because she would be sitting alone soon. And it’s not that she can’t sit alone because she does. When she falls forward, she puts her arms down to catch herself. When she falls to the side, she will put her hands out to try to break the fall. It’s when she falls backwards, she just falls. She doesn’t understand that myself or something cushy will not always be there to break her fall. I’ve been working on letting her fall in a semi-soft place like on a sheet in the grass, but it’s hard when you know your kids brain is so fragile. I don’t want anything to happen, but I think I’m holding her back from learning the tough reality of a fall. Anyway, Moisés said for him it’s not about when the child does something, it’s about the quality of work to get there. And he thought Lola’s quality of work was fantastic.

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We go back to see Moisés in two weeks and then we are on our own until Lola is in the system for First Steps. The reality of this move has been setting in and while we are excited, we are also feeling nervous about such a big transition in our lives. We only have two more days of work which is a bit surreal as well. Our last group of clients were some of the nicest we have ever had. What a good way to go out! We are moving over to my Mom & Steve’s on the 26th so we can enjoy our last few days with them. I’m trying not to think ahead, but it’s going to be incredibly hard not to have my parents right next door. I love that we can ask for cooking ingredients via my Mom’s bathroom window. Or when I need a babysitter, I simply call the best babysitters we could have…Lola’s grandparents!

Yesterday I asked my Mom to come get Lola so I could get some things done. When I called over to see if they were having fun my Mom said I better come see my baby. I found Lola completely passed out in the grass. . .that was until my damn dogs started playing near her ultimately waking her up.

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I love how she is looking over at me with a curious “where am I” face. What a sweetheart! My only dread about moving to the cold is that my kid LOVES being outside. She has since she was a newborn. She loves the wind, she loves swinging in the hammock, she loves listening to the sounds, she is just an outdoorsy chick. So months of winter cold weather may be an adjustment for her. Who am I kidding? It will probably be more of an adjustment for me and I’m the one who is supposed to have thick Michigan skin!

Happy Saturday everyone!