Last Step with First Steps

Yesterday we had an in-home meeting with our service coordinator from First Steps. Ms. Davis came out to welcome Lola into the program, explain to us what to expect next and finally she wrote up a 90 day therapy plan that Lola’s therapists will try to adhere to. We were to come up with short term goals for Lola which included everything from creeping to crawling to learning how to stack toys and much more. Lola was advised to have a physical therapist, an occupational therapist and a developmental therapist who will focus on her vision. Each therapist will come into our home on a weekly basis for one hour per session. So that means Lola will get three hours of therapy a week, in our home and for free! It will take about two weeks before Lola actually begins therapy as her pediatrician has to sign off on the case, but the last of the steps are over with First Steps…now it’s time for the real work to begin!

Ms. Davis is also sending out a teacher from the Indiana School for the Blind and Visually Impaired in hopes that she can teach us how to help accommodate Lola’s lack of vision. I have an inside contact to the Indiana School for the Blind and had already planned on taking a tour with the intention to see if it is a place that Lola could truly benefit from. I learned that only 5% of the children who attend are fully blind and that many have neurological vision impairments just as Lola does. The school just so happens to be a few miles from our home and it is reassuring to know there may be a school where Lola will get the most out of her environment. I look forward to updating all of you in the coming weeks as I learn more about the Indiana School for the Blind and Visually Impaired.

I love their motto on the home page:

[quote style=”1″]Treat children as though they are already the people they are capable of becoming.
–Haim Ginott [/quote]