A Visit with my Mom

Last week my mom was here for a short five day visit. We had such a good time just catching up, spending time with Lola, eating lots of yummy meals and of course…shopping! While I love the time we got to spend together, it seems to get harder every time we have to say good-bye. For selfish reasons, I wish that she lived closer. I’m at the point in my life where I long to learn about domestic things from my mom such as when to plant perennial bulbs, how to get my grass to grow thicker and how to make my grandmas fried chicken for Rob. We would go on walks throughout the neighborhood and she would point out tips for my future gardening days. It’s those memories that stick with me as I sit here reminiscing about our time together. I long for those days and I can’t wait until I have her back here in June.

Many people asked if I thought Lola would remember my mom and while Lola is never one to show too much emotion when seeing someone, I would definitely say she knew who my mom was. I wish I had more pictures of them together, but I think I was too lost in the moments to go find the camera.

Lola has been doing excellent this past week and I can’t get over how much improvement we are seeing on a daily basis. All three of Lola’s therapists commented on how amazing her skills are becoming. Her developmental therapist wrote words like “great” and “awesome” in her final report regarding Lola’s vision tracking. Then today, Lola’s occupational therapist wrote about how improved her social interaction was and her new ability to purposely put objects in a bowl. All three told us Lola was their most improved patient and we couldn’t be prouder of that title!

The most remarkable improvement is definitely her vision. There is this curiosity that you can see in Lola as she looks around observantly. When I carry her around the house, she focuses on objects and will even turn her head to continue to track it if it is out of sight. When we are at the YMCA, she will watch people as they walk by. When I talk to her, she looks me right in the eye. Her gaze is still not for long, but it is better. Much much better.

Lola had a fitting appointment at Midwest Orthotics on Monday per the recommendation of her physical therapist. Lola has a tendency to point her toes as she has little to no muscle tone in her feet. In order to strengthen her feet and to train her muscles to work correctly, she will be wearing a boot style orthotic that will fit in her shoes. Huh shoes? My child hates shoes so this will be an interesting adjustment for her. But the more adamant we are that she wears them, the less time she will have in them.

But oddly enough, Lola has begun to stand with a flatter foot as of this week. I guess she is afraid of the shoes??

We had a great week…how was yours?