Weekly Edition of Letters to Lola

Hi Lola my name is Gina and I have never met you or your mom. Although I have met your Nana Rita. I have been following your moms story for a long time. Through her move to Costa Rica to her wedding to her pregnancy with you and your birth and now through your diagnosis with West Syndrome. I am amazed at what a strong little girl you are and what a strong mother you have. Reading about your accomplishments makes me feel so happy. You are one strong little Chica and I think alot of people can learn something from your family. How to take a negative situation and make it a positive one. I love how your mom never complains but stays very strong and positive about the curve ball that has been thrown at you and your familia. Lola I think you are an inspiration to people even as a baby. Please keep getting stronger and I look forward to hearing and seeing good things the older you get.
Gina from California

**Gina – thank you so much for writing! I hope Lola gets to meet you someday! 🙂