Ultima Cita con Melissa

On Saturday we had our last appointment with Melissa and I must admit it was pretty sad. She was probably wondering why I was teared up, but Melissa and Moisés have done wonders for Lola. They truly are the reason for Lola’s amazing progress. Sure we ourselves work with Lola all day long, but it was their tools and guidance that enabled us to help our daughter. They are true professionals, but they make you feel like you are indeed part of their team. I only hope we find therapists as compassionate and caring as the ones we have found here in Costa Rica.

It had been almost three weeks since we had last seen Melissa and she was thrilled to see the improvement in Lola’s vision. She commented that everything about her seemed different. Her balance while sitting unassisted had improved, her ability to reach out and grab things using her vision alone was much better and Melissa was happy to hear Lola making all sorts of sounds. She was astounded with the change and seemed a bit bewildered that so much had happened in such a short period of time. Lola was like a different baby she said. It was reassuring to hear because Rob and I have been commenting every day about Lola’s progress. We often wondered if it was our watchful eye that picked up more, but based on Melissa’s reaction we knew that we weren’t the only ones witnessing the change.

So for our last appointment, Melissa went back to some oldies like working on Lola’s equilibrium as well as the vision therapy. Melissa stressed that while these exercises may seem repetitive, it is important to continue with them. As Lola ages, her perspective and response to the exercises will change which is why it’s crucial to stick with them. Melissa also went through several exercises to start in the future. She knows that there will be a period of time in Indianapolis where Lola will be without therapists. We are in the process of getting her in First Steps, but we have to actually be in Indianapolis to get Lola evaluated for the program.

While I know Melissa doesn’t read this blog, we have to say thank you to her for everything she did for Lola. I’m not sure if Lola’s vision would have kicked in on its own therefore I absolutely attribute her gift of sight (even if altered) to Melissa and the exercises she provided us with. Having Lola look me in the eyes is one of the best feelings and I am eternally grateful for Melissa being in our lives. Gracias por todo Melissa!!

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