The Pediatrician

Today Lola had her very first U.S. pediatrician appointment with Dr. Patrick Kelley out of IU Medical Group. Of course being away from what and who you know is a bit overwhelming…at least for this mother, but I was pleasantly surprised with the office, the nurses and especially the doctor.

Rob and I went to the appointment loaded with Lola’s medical records translated into English, we had her CAT scan and MRI images and we also went in with a wealth of knowledge regarding our daughter and her conditions. The doctor could quickly tell we knew what we were talking about as he just sat back for a few minutes letting us explain what had happened with Lola. He would chime in from time to time asking us questions, but he was very cooperative with our requests and even made a few suggestions of his own.

He will refer Lola to a pediatric neurologist at Riley Children’s Hospital. He will also be in contact with First Steps to get the recommendation over to them stating that Lola can indeed receive physical and occupational therapy services. He freely offered to refill Lola’s anti-seizure medication with a simple phone call and he also made sure we knew how to contact him should Lola have any seizures.

After we all agreed on how to proceed with Lola, it was time for Dr. Kelley to check her out. Well we have one tall baby as she is now in the 90th percentile for height! Her weight was a bit low as she still isn’t quite 18 lbs putting her in the 10th percentile. Dr. Kelley was not overly concerned with her weight as we explained Lola has always been a rather skinny baby. She certainly eats plenty, but she is most likely built like her daddy…tall and lean. I wish I could have some of those genes! Dr. Kelley noted the only thing he would have noticed different about Lola was indeed her vision, but he thought she looked quite good. He was pleased to hear she grabs at objects, she can transfer toys from hand to hand and he was very happy to see her sit unassisted. Overall it was a great appointment and it definitely helped to ease my worried mind. The office is only a couple miles of away and knowing Dr. Kelley is so available makes the first phase of Lola’s medical transition that much easier.