The Last Phase of PT With Moisés – Lola Must Go to the World

Sadly, today was Lola’s last appointment with Moisés. It was originally scheduled for next week, but Moisés is going to be in Mexico and we didn’t want to reschedule an appointment on one of our last few days in Costa Rica. So today was as good as any. We wanted to bring Moisés a thank you gift, so I headed to this cute little store in Ciudad Colon called Organica. It is a juice/snack bar, but she also sells everything from organic chocolate, hammocks, soaps, teas and a lot of yoga related items. Remembering that Moisés was into yoga, I found him Mala Beads. He was thrilled with the memento and immediately put them on as we told him he was to think of Lola every time he wore them. Lola sat patiently on the couch as we spoke with Moisés about our departure.

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Since we are not sure as to when Lola will begin with the First Steps therapists, Rob and I agreed it would be best to Skype with Moisés at least once a month so we can hear his thoughts on her progress and so he can guide us in the right direction as far as her PT goes. He said he has clients in Greece as well as the Phillipines that he continues to work with on a monthly basis so we may keep Moisés on even after we start the First Steps program.

Today Moisés guided Lola on the treadmill to help her understand the vertical feeling, the proper way to distribute weight while walking and to show her the “heel/toe” walking technique. She did quite well considering she always tries to bounce when she is in the ligas contraption. A couple of times she looked around for Rob and me just to make sure we were still there. I love seeing those curious eyes focusing.

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Moisé introduced a new contraption that we are to make once we are back in Indianapolis. Rob and I will be busy with projects as we need to make Lola’s room a place of comfort as well as a place that can serve as her work playground. But this new contraption will be a good tool in Lola’s quest for crawling. It forces her to build strength in her neck and upper back which is crucial when it comes time for her to crawl.

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In the beginning, Lola was more into checking out the floor, but she eventually became curious about the noises those monkeys were making and she slowly began to lift up her head. We are to give her motivation to look up through noises, scents, our voices or her favorite toys. We will also use these motivating techniques to help Lola crawl. Moisés said in the next month Lola is going to start becoming curious about her surroundings and this will ultimately lead to her moving. It may still be a few months before Lola is actually crawling, but the creeping forward, rolling around and army crawling should start taking place soon.

Moisés stressed the importance of teaching Lola to “go to the world”. For ten months now, we have given Lola everything because well – she is a baby. Actually she is a baby that can’t exactly see to get what she wants nor can she move to get it either. The seeing is definitely getting better though. When Lola wants something you are holding, she will reach out and grab it, but we don’t know how far her distance sight goes. Therefore we must motivate her through sounds of her favorite toys, the scent of her favorite food, anything to get her to want to move. This also goes with things like picking her up, giving her hugs or giving her food. She has to start initiating that she wants something before we just give her something. It makes perfect sense and I’m sure because of all the hurdles Lola has had to overcome, I have probably coddled her a bit. But it’s all I know so rather than feeling bad about it, I’m just going to work harder at letting her initiate her wants. While she isn’t a baby that cries often (except around strangers now), I know she is prone to behavioral problems because of her disability so we have to always keep that in mind. She is such a good, chilled out baby though. I can’t imagine my Lola being bad. Oh just wait until she’s a teenager…I’m sure I’m going to be eating those words!

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And so this was the end of our appointment and I must say it was pretty sad. I held back the tears because I’ve been a gigantic sap these days, but Moisés has changed our lives. When we were lost and clueless about Lola’s condition, he informed us on that very white board behind us. He taught us to embrace Lola’s disability, not to be afraid of it. He gave us hope when we felt there was little. We have watched him transform our daughter into this strong, resilient and amazingly determined little girl. In my darkest days, he never once brushed off my questions or concerns. He addressed each and every one of them calmly with a demeanor that you don’t find often in people. He genuinely loves his job and my God are we lucky to have found him. Someday we will tell Lola all about Moisés and his love for her. We have the PT picture/instruction booklet of him working with Lola every other week. We will make sure to explain how much of an influence he had on her life. When she crawls for the very first time, it will be thanks to Moisés. When she takes her first steps, we will be thinking of Moisés. Everything she does is because of him. Sure it resides within herself, but Moisés laid the foundation. Now it’s up to Rob and me to continue to use the tools Moisés gave us so that Lola can go on to live the best life possible.

“Ordinary people believe only in the possible. Extraordinary people visualize not what is possible or probable, but rather what is impossible. And by visualizing the impossible, they begin to see it as possible.” – Cherie Carter-Scott

Thank you Moisés for being an extraordinary individual.

Thank you for believing in the impossible.

Thank you from the bottom of our eternally grateful hearts.