Stronger, Walker, Bigger and Superstitious

“Lola stood upright much more today on her own. Did not need much extra sensory input today. Trying to pull to stand at surface from sitting – needs only balance help.”

This was another great report from Lola’s physical therapist on Tuesday! Usually Lola needs a bit of a push to get up on her feet, but she surprised us both when she stood right up on her own. She then proceeded to balance at the bin for over a minute until her tired out legs just collapsed. But she just continues to get stronger every session and her PT always comments on how amazing her improvement is.

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I definitely think part of Lola’s drive to stand is that she is becoming very curious about what is on top of things which is what motivates most children to stand anyways. But we were weary of Lola’s motivation when her vision was much poorer, yet these days her vision doesn’t seem to be holding her back like it once did before. While she isn’t pulling herself to standing to get to an object, she will do a high kneel, she’ll reach and do whatever she can do obtain whatever is out of reach. Since she loves her beaded toy, her PT thought it would be a great reason for Lola to pull herself to standing from squatting and sure enough she did!

Lola was tuckered out after her PT appointment and could hardly hold her head up for lunch.

I took a lot of pictures yesterday and when I was uploading them I couldn’t help but laugh when I see how different her eyes look in every photo. Sometimes one is turned in, sometimes not, other times both are. We have no plans to correct this cosmetically and will only do so if it benefits Lola’s vision or if she herself decides she wants a corrective surgery. She sure is cute even with her little cross-eyes!

I know baby walkers are awfully controversial in the parenting world, but that is the beauty of being a parent…you can make decisions that you think are right for your child. I went out and bought Lola a walker the other day after discussing it with Lola’s PT. It was agreed upon that a walker might help Lola understand what it means to get somewhere on her own at a higher level. It can also build strength in her legs and hips as well as help her learn to keep her feet flat rather than in a toe point. Obviously, the biggest concern with walkers are the safety (a kid falling down stairs or being able to get to dangerous items). But truthfully, I think that lies in the fault of the parents. We aren’t going to leave Lola in the walker without our constant surveillance. For us, it is being used as a therapy tool, but even if Lola didn’t need the extra support, I don’t see anything wrong with them as long as the child isn’t left in it for hours on end and without a parents watchful eye. Now I didn’t expect Lola to miraculously start walking when we put her in it, but I think she might be a bit tall. We are going to hold on to it until her next PT appointment where we will hear what Ashley has to say about if it will be useful after all. Lola loves the lights though and she likes to move around via froggy style by pushing off with both of her feet at the same time. Can you believe the darn thing actually has an MP3 hook up too?

Yesterday morning, the three of us ventured out to grab some breakfast. I’m trying to make sure Rob is constantly fed as the antibiotics can be rather harsh on the belly. We went to Good Morning Mama’s and were pleasantly surprised not only with the beautiful outdoor ambiance, but also the delicious breakfast. It felt good to be out together as a family. Rob is learning to do so much with his left hand and as always, still manages to keep a smile on his face even when he can feel his heart pounding through his battered finger.

Lola had her first big girl meal while out to eat! Call me cheap, but I can’t fathom spending a ridiculous amount of money on a kids meal when she won’t eat more than a few bites. But lately, she seems to have a bottomless belly so we decided she was old enough to have her own meal. And let me say…the girl ate almost all of it! Lola you are becoming such a big girl!

Lola’s was the one with the little pancake!

OK – I try not to be too superstitious, but this damn black cat is always outside our house in the exact same spot. Now some weird shit has been going on around the Howell household and I was beginning to feel like maybe we were surrounded by some bad energy. The cat was starting to give me this uneasy feeling, not really because it’s black (I had a black cat my entire childhood), but because he is essentially stalking us. He never is in a different location and he just sits there staring. So in an effort to make a peace offering (I won’t be offended if you think I’m crazy), I went out and bought it some nice and smelly wet cat food. Now the thing is nowhere to be found! I just want some good luck to start surrounding us. Maybe I’ll go out and buy a bit of sage to cleanse my house. Any other ideas??