Stepping Out in Style…Orthotics Style

This past week Midwest Orthotics and Technology Center called to state that Lola’s orthotics were ready. Seeing that I had missed the initial appointment due to work, I was still very curious as to how the orthotics would function. I have to admit I also had visions of Forrest Gump and the knee high braces he had to wear on his legs in an effort to walk correctly. I was prepared for anything, but was pleasantly surprised when I actually saw Lola’s orthotics.

The orthotics tech took her time explaining to me about why Lola needs the orthotics and how they will help. Anyone that has been around Lola knows that she is a toe pointer. If we let her continue to do this, she would probably walk around on her tip toes someday. She also has very little to no muscle tone in her foot and surrounding ankle and leg muscles. The orthotics will put Lola’s feet in a position that will actually train the muscles to function properly. Unfortunately for her they have to be on tight and I mean very tight. The tech said most children tolerate them very well as it is simply like wearing a tight shoe, but it does take time. Lola’s physical therapist is requiring Lola to wear them while she is working in the standing position or if she is in an activity center such as an exersaucer. This all sounds great, but here is the tricky part…Lola has to wear shoes! What a foreign concept this is seeing that she is a Costa Rican born, happily bare foot sporting baby!

We are not sure how long Lola will have to wear the orthotics. If her muscles respond right away, it could only be a year or so. If they are more resistant as is Lola, than she could be in them for a few years. At over $1600 a pair (thank you insurance!), I’m hoping she won’t be in them long, but we are willing to do whatever it takes to make sure Lola has every advantage she needs in order to walk properly.

Even though we chose “pink swirls” for Lola’s orthotics, I’m still not convinced she is a big fan of wearing them. The orthotics have one of her favorite items on them which is velcro which means she tugs at them like you wouldn’t believe.

Please stay tuned for an in-depth post about CVI, our visit with Ann from VIPS and what this means for our daughter. In the meantime, here are some pictures from our week.