Phase Thirteen of PT – Distributing Weight

It is hard to believe that we only have two more physical therapy sessions with Moisés. I can remember the first time we walked in his place, my heart sank with fear. From the outside, it was just another Costa Rican house. In the waiting room, it was just another Costa Rican living room. But boy did my attitude change when we walked into Moisés’ working area. I knew in that moment we were in the right place. So it is sort of bittersweet counting down the number of sessions with him. Happiness fills my heart because I’m excited to move on with our lives yet a tinge of sadness has overwhelmed me knowing that Moisés will no longer be Lola’s therapist. Sure he’ll stay on to help make sure we are being guided in the right direction, but there is something about being in his presence that makes you feel like everything is going to be alright.

Yesterday Lola did a lot of mat work. No crazy contraptions and no more buying weird but useful equipment. Moisés wants us to teach Lola what it feels like to distribute weight to different parts of her arms and legs. This will help her understand the feeling of crawling. She will know that she is still safe on two limbs while two move forward.

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We asked Moisés about Lola’s reaction to having her hands pulled to touch something. She is very resistant and we thought it was almost like a reflex that takes over when you try to take her hand. He explained that she does indeed still have a few of her newborn reflexes and this is one of them. It is her instinct to keep her hands near her which is why she doesn’t want them manipulated. He said this is the reason why crawling is so important. Through crawling, Lola will lose this reflex.

Moisés kept stressing how great she was doing and he was so proud of her progress. Despite cutting two more teeth, Lola did quite well. Her vision seems to be drastically improving which made this picture priceless even though she is giving me a “help me” look.

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You know, a few weeks ago I would have been analyzing Moisés’ facial expressions when he evaluated Lola. I would have been trying to decipher what his heavy exhale meant or would have asked why he was doing certain exams. I was that overbearing mother who constantly asked about Lola’s future and even though he always took the time to explain his thoughts, I’m sure it was nice for him just to sit back and do his job yesterday.

This whole acceptance thing has brought a sense of peace to my life that was definitely missing. I can’t express how different I feel. When my mind starts to wander, I now have this power to bring it back to this very moment and I must say. . .it feels so good.

Last night as Lola was laid down to sleep, she began to hit at her pacifier with her hand. I thought to myself “I wonder if other babies do this” and then it was as if something calming came over me. I immediately stopped “wondering” and realized that this is what my baby does. It is what makes Lola who she is and I would be bewildered and confused if she did what every other baby does. She wouldn’t be my little girl.

Finally, Lola is obviously coordinated enough to take a handful of brownie and shove it in her mouth. Last night as Rob was making dinner, Lola was sitting in her Bumbo seat watching. He had my “28 day brownies” near her and sure enough, she grabbed a hefty handful and happily ate the brownies. What happened to her not being able to feed herself? Lola you sneaky baby you!