Yesterday I was telling Rob that it’s strange Lola never looks at me while I’m feeding her solids. She will look everywhere but directly in front of her. So we aren’t doctors, but we do know a lot about Lola’s diagnosis’. We are guessing that she is in sensory overload. It’s as if the sounds, the taste of food and the vision is simply too much for her. It’s just like when I use the vision images for her to track. If I don’t say what the image is and make the appropriate sound than she tracks them. Yet if I overload her with noise while moving the image, she just starts looking elsewhere. So I’ve become very aware of how many senses Lola is using at one time. It’s probably no wonder why the girl naps and sleeps like a champ. The day has become too much for her tiny brain. But maybe what we think is a load of horse crap because this morning I began to make the airplane noise as I fed her and she kept looking right at me. Even when I stopped making noises, she kept looking over at me. When I would smile, she would smile. She was very aware of my presence. Although when I made the airplane noise, she wouldn’t actually eat while looking at me. Again maybe because we were using one too many senses. I’m no expert, I’m just trying to make a life for Lola that she can understand. Heck, life is overwhelming as it is even with the gift of sight so I can’t imagine what it’s like for her trying to take it all in without having her brain understand the images she sees. We’ll keep working to see what helps the most, but wow was it amazing to have Lola smile at me this morning while looking me dead in the eye! That little gesture is the best way to start my day. Thank you Lola!