Improvements and Much “More”

Lola girl is finally over her first cold and the second top tooth is ever present which means…our happy baby is back!

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We have witnessed such changes in Lola this past week. There is a level of awareness that is emerging in really all aspects of her life. She is becoming aware of her body and its movement. She watches her hand as she waves it by or she’ll look at her toes as they wiggle. The other day at lunch, I snapped this photo of Lola observantly watching as her finger tapped the table.

She’s also much more purposeful as she plays. Of course she still bangs everything in an effort to hear a noise as it was the very first way she learned to play with a toy. But she is beginning to understand the cause and effect with her toys. For instance she knows if she hits her drum, she will get to hear a song. She now waits until the song is finished playing until she hits the drum again. Before she would simply bang away, but now she listens carefully and hits again on cue.

Lola is also beginning to express when she wants more of something. Whether it is her dinner, cupcakes, singing or bouncing, she will excitedly move in an effort to get more. Today in line, she kept tapping me because she wanted more snacks. We have never seen her ask for anything so this is a huge step towards her independence.

Her therapists have been quite impressed with her improvements. Just a few short weeks ago, Lola was very low in muscle tone, it was hard for her to focus in therapy and she just seemed sort of unimpressed with the whole process. Now she is vocal, she is alert, she is active, she is getting physically stronger and the biggest improvement we are seeing is definitely in her eyesight.

Lola is focusing more now than I have ever seen. It’s as if something miraculous is happening with her vision. Before she would glance at us, but now she is looking at us. I know I have said this time and time again, but her eyesight is truly better now. She holds her eye gaze for much longer, she tracks our movement, she’ll watch me as I leave the room and she’ll actually look at the camera as I snap a pic. It’s crazy! For almost 14 months, I have coerced Lola with noise in an effort to get her to look at the camera and now she just looks because she actually sees it. We aren’t the only ones seeing the change. In fact, every therapist that saw Lola this week (three) all commented on how different her vision appeared to be. I can’t express the joy it brings me to have my daughter look me in the eye. Is it like most babies that look at their parents? No. But in our little world it is a major improvement.

Thankfully the weather has been beautiful, allowing us to explore our old stomping ground in Butler-Tarkington. Our neighborhood truly is one of those little whimsical places and I can’t wait until Spring to take pictures to share. You’ll see kids playing in the street, elderly couples holding hands on their daily walk, teenagers skateboarding and dogs being walked. While I once thought of a husband, two dogs and a stroller as intimidating, I now find it to be quite comforting. I’m happy being home.

Exploring Butler University's campus.

Next week I’m happy to report that my mama will be visiting from Costa Rica! While she says she’s coming to visit all of us, I’m quite positive Lola is the driving force for her urgency to get back!

The excitement of a new highchair was simply too much.

Have you witnessed improvements with your kiddos? I’d love to hear about it!