Happy Birthday Lola!

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Dear Lola,

Today, my darling sweet girl, you are four years old. Four years ago, you came into this world with your own agenda — to make it a better place. And you’ve done just that. You inspire strangers and impress everyone who knows you. You have been handed challenges, but the way you gracefully navigate through them without fuss make your challenges seem unimportant. You are a fighter. Your ability to persevere even when life knocks you down is a trait you developed on your own. I wish I could take credit for this, but lord knows Mommy isn’t as strong as you baby girl. But you make me stronger each and every day. You help me realize spontaneity is an unappreciated characteristic of life. You teach me to take notice of the little things as they are all part of the bigger picture. You inspire me to try harder, to stand up when I’ve fallen and to keep opening doors even when they are shut in my face. I’m the one who is supposed to be leading you through lessons in life, but instead I feel as if I’ve taken your hand as the lead.




I had a moment of panic a few weeks ago. I realized I hadn’t written in your baby book in months. But then I remembered Say Hola Lola. If ever we need a refresher of where you were at any given point in your life, we can just read through this blog. I like to think of it as a modern day baby book. Although I do worry you may not like that I’ve shared so much of your life with the world. And if that day comes, I’m happy to take the blog down. I would never want you to feel exploited. My goal of Say Hola Lola is to show you and the world just how amazing you are. Someday I’ll print every post and put it into a book so we can read the remarkable adventures of Lola! You will impress yourself!





Nowadays you love school. You are in your second year of preschool and your development has blossomed like a blooming flower. You want to keep up with your peers and it has helped you truly thrive at school. Every day I read your school journal with eager excitement. I even like to go back and reread entries because I’m just so enamored with how far you’ve come. It is my only book of choice these day. Although lately your teacher, Mrs. Tubbs, has been writing about your fiery personality. At first, it broke my heart to think of you acting up at school or being mean to your peers, but then I remembered you’re just like any other kid — you can be a brat at any given moment. I appreciate you are expressing your discontent because it means you want a choice and you want a say in that choice. And it must be incredibly frustrating to not be able to verbalize what you are feeling. But you are communicating with your own hybrid system and someday that system will be full of words, sentences and unstoppable language. Because just like everything else in your life — you’ll do it at your own pace.




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Other favorites right now are the school bus, your neighbor friend, Paisley, your new coat (you even sleep in it), and your trampoline. You love to swim and can now hold your breath under the water for an ungodly amount of time. You still love to go on walks in the wagon and you’ve become a really good drummer with the new drum sets you received for Christmas. You love people (especially your teacher’s assistant, Melissa), but still are unsure of your baby brother, Sebastian. You like to pull his hair and I’m amazed of your uncanny ability to pinpoint his exact location when he’s among a room full of kids. But you’re learning to apologize with kisses so instantaneously after you hit him or pull his hair, you’ll go in for a kiss. You are a daddy’s girl. Every time I think I’ve won you back over, you find your way back to him. I’m glad though. He’s a good guy and he sure loves you.

Lola with Miss Melissa

Lola with Miss Melissa

Lola and Paisley

Lola and Paisley





Lola, I want you to know our love for you goes beyond the moon and back (this is the new phrase everyone loves to say). I’m thinking it’s more like Neptune and back since it’s over 2.7 billion miles away! But there are truly no words to express what you mean to us. We are proud of everything you have accomplished in your four years of life and we can’t wait to see what the rest of your life has in store for you.

Thank you for being our daughter. Thank you for being you.

We love you Ellie-Belly!

Happy Birthday!