Enough About Me

How is Lola?

Lola is awesome!

I swear she learns something new every single day and we sit back just in awe of every little thing she accomplishes on her own. Sure we push her with therapeutic tools, but sometimes with developmentally delayed kids you have to just take a step back and let them flourish. Remember that line from my favorite children’s book, Leo the Late Bloomer?

“A watched bloomer doesn’t bloom.”

Well I whole-heartedly believe it to be true. She’ll get it when she’s ready and able. She may not be average on a developmental growth chart, but she’s still developing and that’s what matters. Plus average is such a mediocre term.

Lola has this strong fascination with large objects such as doors, dressers, entertainment centers and anything else that is about 10 times her size. While she can’t actually pull to stand because of her wobbly little legs, she continues to try and pull herself up on this door.

Visually, Lola continues to amaze us with how much she is improving. She is so aware of her surroundings now and it’s not just through her other senses. She is seeing what is around her. She’ll watch as I walk out of a room and cry because she wants me back. She’ll effortlessly reach at a toy. She is making much more eye contact and responds to our cues such as smiles. She grabs at everything in sight and appears to be motivated to move simply by seeing an object.

While she isn’t “crawling” yet, she sure is moving. She has the hand coordination down, she just doesn’t know what to do with her legs. So as of yesterday, she’ll crawl with her hands and then just shuffle her legs in to get her to move forward. It may not be “normal” means of crawling transportation, but if it gets her to where she wants to go than it’s perfect. Oddly enough, she has a new fascination with getting to the toilet and remarkably…she’ll gets there!

Lola now says ma-ma! There was a day many months ago when she said ma-ma and I was ecstatic, but that day came and went and sadly…I haven’t heard that word since. That was until a few days ago! She is not only saying ma-ma, she’ll actually mimic it when I say it to her. OK, OK not always on cue, but she knows it and my mothering ears are ringing with happiness every time she says it.

All in all, Lola is doing great. She is thriving each and every day and that is all we can ask for. Tomorrow she has an appointment with a development pediatrician who will most likely tell us she is developmentally delayed. Nothing new, but just one more person to have on our team. I hear a little girl playing the xylophone which means it’s time for me to sign off.

Have a great day!