Coping Mechanism

A couple of weeks ago, Lola’s first tooth popped through. She wasn’t overly fussy and she didn’t keep us up all night with bouts of crying. Sure you could tell something was off, but I had been expecting this terror of a child to emerge because obviously teething hurts. She must have a high pain tolerance because again, we can feel another tooth getting ready to make its grand appearance. Yes she’s drooling like crazy, she’s yanking on her ears and she’s not taking to the bottle as well as she usually does, but other than that she seems to be handling the pain like a trooper. But yesterday she began to make this scrunched up “I’m in pain” face and we are attributing it to her little teeth coming in. I hate to say the face is super cute because I know she’s hurting, but I would imagine if the pain was that bad she would probably cry or something, right?!

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In other news, Rob is right…Lola’s vision does seem to be improving! Before when Lola would look directly at me, she would always look at my eyebrows. I thought it was because they were dark and they were easier for her to see. But now she is looking me dead in the eyes! It is the oddest yet most wonderful thing! To be diagnosed with this rare brain abnormality in the visual cortex of her brain last week and now to suddenly have improved vision, well it’s kind of weird yet nothing short of a miracle if you ask me. I’ve noticed in her vision therapy, when I just shut my mouth (we are supposed to explain to her what she is tracking) and let her focus, she actually follows the objects so much better. It’s as if she is taking too much in with the vision as well as the sounds.

This little girl is simply amazing. OK – so she’s my daughter and I’m a bit biased, but some days I can’t believe the things that she accomplishes. Like this morning, every time she would drop a toy she would look down to see where it was and eventually retrieve it. Or yesterday while I carried her around, she kept reaching out at things that were in front of her. Not in a patting because she can’t see kind of way, but actually reaching at the objects that she was seeing. I am starting to feel what it’s like to have a baby grab at everything and as odd as it sounds…it is awesome!!