Big Sisters Have to be Big Girls

Last night Rob and I began to have the discussion about where new baby’s room will be. Will she (no…not the sex, just using it for writing purposes) take Lola’s room, will she use Lola’s crib, will we keep the same theme and the list goes on. Of course that conversation led to heavy thinking on my part like will I love this baby as much as Lola, will Lola feel left out, will they love each other, are we really responsible enough to care for another tiny being and my mind continued to go in crazy directions (hey I’m a woman a wildly emotional pregnant woman). After much discussion and after many reassurances the bottom line was this…it’s time to let Lola grow up.

You know, everyone says “kids grow up so fast” but to be quite honest…I’ve never identified with that phrase. Because of Lola’s delays, Lola has been kind of like my baby for quite some time now. We don’t know what her developmental age is at this time, but I’m guessing it’s at least a good year behind. So to me (and I’m sure other special needs parents can identify with this), time hasn’t flown by at all. If anything, the first couple of years kind of felt like we were at a stand still. But lately I have to say, our little girl is indeed growing up. And with growing up means I have to learn to let her go and not just let her go…I have to push her to become an independent little person. This means signing her up for her first camp this year. It means letting her move into a room that is a mere five extra feet away. It means transitioning her from her crib. And it means letting her take tiny falls as she tries to learn to walk. I have been her protective padding for over 2 1/2 years and with a new baby coming into our lives, well…Lola has to be a big sister which means she has to be treated like a big girl…delays and all. But I think she’s up for the challenge, I mean she is the most miraculous person I’ve ever been around.


Lola recently went to an adventure preschool camp for two weeks at a local church. She went three days a week for four hours a day and I must say, she was very well acclimated to it. Seeing that Lola will start preschool in the fall, we thought what better way to get her used to being away from us then to sign her up for this camp. It would act as a precursor to longer days with other children and longer days without mom and dad. Of course, we were optimistic but cautious as well because Lola has her quirks and her own way of communicating. Due to work, I wasn’t able to drop Lola off on her first morning, but I wrote out a page of Lolaisms and other idiosyncrasies so that the teacher would be well-prepared and not left with questions. Well just as I warned the teacher, Lola quickly found a forever place in their hearts and that was just after the first day. And not only did they love Lola, but Lola loved attending school as well.

July 22 2013

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Symphony at the Park

A wonderful perk about living in our new neighborhood is that some sort of community activity is always going on. Whether it be a church Fish Fry, a Farmer’s Market or a neighborhood garage sale, you can guarantee something is always going on. Last week, the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra played at our local Ellenberger Park. It was a hot and sticky evening, but that didn’t deter community neighbors or this overheated pregnant woman from enjoying the show (OK, I may have been a tiny bit miserable).

July 22 2013-4

July 22 2013-5

July 22 2013-7

Good Peer Pressure

One of the biggest benefits from Lola attending camp was that she learned about peer pressure. OK, she didn’t exactly learn about it in the sense of being taught, but she began picking up on traits that other children displayed. The best one of all being that Lola wants to know how to stand alone and better yet…walk.

July 22 2013-8

While in Michigan, Lola began to randomly stand up unassisted for very brief periods of time. We noticed that when she was around her cousin Olivia, she paid attention to how Olivia was getting around so easily. So Rob and I had high hopes that being around other children her own size would help ignite that curiosity once again and sure enough…it did.

Below is a video of Lola taking her first unassisted steps ever!

Lola continues to attempt to stand alone and she’ll take a step before she loses balance and falls. But she’s beginning to test her limits and you can see that she wants to go beyond them which is a first in the walking world. Until a few weeks ago, she showed little to no interest in walking and now…well, you should see the little bruises on her knees from her falls. I’m half tempted to put baby knee pads on her, but wait…that means I’m still acting as her padding.

Let go.

Let go.

Oh parenthood.

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