A Visit, a Tear and a lot of Lessons

On Saturday, we had the pleasure of having Rob’s mom come to visit for a couple of nights. While I know many people gasp at the thought of their mother-in-law coming to visit, I on the other hand welcome Kathy with wide open arms. I could go on and on about what an amazingly special woman she is, but I’m trying to coerce her into writing a post about her time with Lola. I have a feeling if she chooses to share her thoughts, you will quickly see how angelic she is.

The weekend was spent just catching up, eating good food, Kathy showering us with awesome Christmas goodies and she was able to give Lola lots of grandma love. Unfortunately I had to work most of the weekend, but that was OK as it gave Kathy an opportunity to enjoy her time with Rob and Lola. Sadly we had to say goodbye on Monday, but now that we are just a four hour drive away, I have a feeling we’ll be seeing much more of her.

As I mentioned before, Lola had her first brush with a cold this past week. The cold mixed along with the teething has been rough on the poor girl, but she still manages to smile. It took about 20 tries, but I finally captured a picture of her two top teeth.

Therapy hasn’t been the greatest this week as Lola has been a grumpy butt for the girls. Her physical therapist brought these cute little mermaid pants for Lola to help with her hips, but Ashley had to take them off almost as quickly as she put them on because Lola just wasn’t having it.

We were informed that Lola will need orthodics for her shoes as she approaches the point of walking. Lola has virtually no muscle tone in her feet and that prevents her from standing flat-footed. The orthodics will train Lola the proper way to stand and they will also help her gain the strength she needs in her feet. My first reaction to the news was grim and a bit sad as I didn’t know what the orthodics would entail, but Rob showed me the brochure and I quickly realized Lola will not have “Forrest Gump” braces on her legs. They are simply boots that will be inserted into her shoes making them non-invasive for Lola.

We recently joined the YMCA as Lola is a huge fan of the pool and I am a huge fan of getting my butt into shape. The Y offers something called Child Watch which is essentially a babysitting/daycare service, but one that is extremely safe and quite reliable. I hadn’t left Lola with anyone other than family, so I had many reservations about leaving her with complete strangers. But I explained Lola’s situation to the supervisor and she quickly assured me Lola would be fine. She told me they had cared for a baby who was completely blind and she felt confident that Lola would be well taken care of. She assured us that they would find us in the event that Lola was sobbing uncontrollably. Rob and I hesitantly said our goodbyes (even though we were literally only a 30 second walk away) and went to work-out. It’s funny, but I kept looking at the door as I worked out thinking the Child Watch staff would be bursting in at any moment asking me to come soothe Lola, but they never did. In fact, when I walked in the Child Watch room 45 minutes later, the supervisor was on the floor trying to get a very happy Lola to reach out to grab a toy. I quickly learned the uneasy feeling was only residing within me, not Lola. She was fine while I on the other hand was not. It was a good lesson for me and I’m excited the Y offers this great service. Lola can be in Child Watch for two hours while we are physically at the Y and she can be watched by them for $5.00 an hour for up to three hours if we leave. It’s like having a permanent babysitter/daycare, but one you can physically check in with without seeming like a complete neurotic stalker mom. It’s right up my alley!

After I picked up Lola, we went for a little swim. I can’t express the amount of happiness the water brings my baby. She was giddy with excitement before we even entered the pool which leads me to believe, she knew exactly what we were doing. She is a real natural in the pool and she literally kicks and uses her arms as if she is really trying to swim.

When we got home, Lola showed off her piano skills and I’m quite positive we have a mini Mozart on our hands.

I should have known something was on the way because Lola was into everything. She kept trying to get to her toys which is a great sign, but her landing was never quite graceful. I was proud of her attempt to get to these toys, but she quickly told me how pissed off she was being head first in them rather than able to play with them.

That very piano that she has grown to love so much ended up being the very toy that caused her first tear (yes – she is 13 months old and has never shed an actual tear). Lola was desperately trying to get to the musical lights and next thing I knew, she was face planting into the toy. I knew she was hurt because she started crying immediately, but then the blood started to spill out of her mouth and she went ballistic. I tell you, I have been through a lot in Lola’s 13 months in my world, but hearing the screams of actual physical pain was just plain awful. It took a while to calm her down, but she finally dozed off in my arms. So as if her teeth weren’t bothering her enough already, she now has a nice cut on her top gums and lip.

I know more bumps and bruises are on the way and I should welcome them as it means Lola is trying to move, but I suppose Lola’s lack of mobility has sheltered her exposure to harm and my exposure to seeing my kid physically hurt. Yesterday was full of mama lessons…tough mama lessons, but what I am learning is that my little Lola is now growing up. She remained at a stand still for so long thanks to those no good seizures and now she is blossoming, she is learning, she is starting to open her tiny wings and while I am happy that she is, it also scares the hell out of me. No book or person can ever prepare you for letting go and that to me is the hardest part about motherhood.