A Trip to the Dra.

Today we went to get Lola checked out by her pediatrician, Dra. Liana Castro Poll. The last time we saw Dra. Castro was when we had our suspicions that Lola had West Syndrome. I remember while frightened I confidently wrote to Dra. Castro with my thoughts on Lola’s “spasms” and rather than Dra. Castro telling me I was crazy, she said she would squeeze Lola in that very day. We are eternally grateful that Lola had a doctor who actually believed us. She was cautious in her examination, she was concerned, but she remained calm and caring. She immediately gave us instructions to get Lola an EEG as well as a good neurologist. She knew if Lola had West Syndrome that time was of the essence and she was right. Four days later Lola was diagnosed and put on medication. I am truly going to miss the health care here. The medical professionals are beyond what I would have ever expected in Costa Rica. We will continue to make trips here to see those who have touched our lives in such a profound way through the care they gave our daughter.

So we hadn’t been to Dra. Castro because Dr. Luna (Lola’s neurologist) was examining Lola every month and then every three months. Lola cannot receive vaccinations and she seemed pretty healthy so there was no real need to see a pediatrician. But since we are leaving the country, we felt it best to get an accurate check-up for the babe and I am so glad we did.

Dra. Castro couldn’t believe Lola was the same baby. Seven months ago, Lola was severely hypotonic, underweight and could not focus on any of the ten toys Dra. Castro tried to get her attention with. Today Lola was strong, she was alert, she was focusing on things and she was as happy as ever. She weighed in at 17.7 lbs which was in the 25th percentile. Dra. Castro was pleased with this weight and she said she would rather her babies be a bit underweight than overweight. Lola is one tall chica measuring at 73 cm which was in the 75th percentile. And finally her head circumference was average at 44 cm. We explained that Lola was diagnosed with isolated lissencephaly and Dra. Castro said Lola looked perfect despite her condition. She commented on how social Lola was, she loved hearing her little laugh and she felt that Lola had a very bright future ahead of her. We were instructed to start vitamins when we get Lola to the States and we are to start brushing her tiny teethers. And other than a baby yeast infection on her bum, Lola was perfecto.

We gave Dra. Castro our blog site so if you are reading this Dra. – THANK YOU for everything! You have been a big part of Lola’s health journey and we will never forget you.

And to anyone looking for a pediatrician in Costa Rica, Dra. castro is the best. She is attentive, she is informed, she speaks perfect English, she is available by email and most importantly…you can tell she genuinely loves children. You can find her at CIMA Hospital.