A Letter from Moisés

I can’t put into words how much we are going to miss Moisés (Lola’s PT)! He has such a big heart and he works so well with Lola. I wrote to him explaining Lola’s new diagnosis and this was his response (I google translated it as it was in Spanish):

Hi Meredith:

First of all a big hug for you Lola. I did not answer yesterday because I had to speak with Dr. Moon first. He explained what he saw on the exam.

I think that is good news. First, if the rest of the brain is normal, that’s great and good news, we will be many opportunities to work on your development box to a normal life.

Second, the injury is reduced only to the occipital lobe, is a partial lissencephaly. That tells us we must work hard with visual stimulation to achieve the maximum possible, that the vision can give us.

Third, if other brain areas were damaged or malformed in outlook would be much more difficult.

Lola In short I think a good therapy process like the one now being great chances of making a normal life, probably with visual difficulties, to be able to compensate.

I am at your service and always looking for the best for you Lola.