The Library

One thing I missed greatly while living in Costa Rica was the library. I know…geeky right? But there is something about the library that brings back so many fond memories for me. I can recall as a child, the excitement that came with having the freedom to pick out as many books as my little eyes could read. And as I entered college, the peaceful studying that only the library could offer. Then when I moved to Indianapolis, I was impressed with how many libraries there were throughout the city. When you are broke and have nothing to do on your day off, the library is a perfect place to spend your time. Perusing books that you have been longing to read or just picking up a “how-to” book in hopes that you may learn something new. I was thrilled to find out how much Rob, my now husband, enjoyed the library as well. We would spend countless Saturday’s grabbing brunch and then moseying around the library for hours on end. So living in a foreign country with no library (at least not for English reading Gringos) was hard for this geeky old gal.

So last Friday, Lola and I spent some time at the Central Library in Downtown Indianapolis. Obviously Lola doesn’t understand the concept of books yet although she loves to see the pictures and she especially loves to rip the pages. It was fun to see the wide variety of books for children; everything from Urban Babies Wear Black to It Hurts When I Poop. I couldn’t keep Lola’s attention for long as she kept looking up at the ceiling. Little did I know that a favorite black and white image for Lola was lurking right over our heads.

I dragged Lola pretty much through every section on every floor as I was just happy to be back to a place that was familiar and more importantly, it was Lola’s first introduction to a place that I hope she feels as excited about someday. As we were heading down from the sixth floor, I happened to glance out to see a perfect view of our tiny city skyline. It made me feel so happy to be home.