Lola’s Parents

What is there to say? There’s always so much to say, and in the same breath nothing at all. But together, they are Rob and Meredith. They’ve been in love for seven years, give or take. It was quick. It was breathless. It was love and it is an even deeper love today. With one foot out of the country, Rob stopped Meredith from making a huge mistake – moving to Costa Rica without him. And while their time in Costa Rica ended, their love continues to blossom where it began…in Indianapolis.


She’s the beautiful one. The one who has patience. She is less than graceful, whether it’s her feet or her head or both. She listens. More than listens, she loves. In her smile and in her eyes. It’s a rare quality. Not much is listed about that or how important it is. But she has it. And it makes a lot of people want to be around her.

She comes from Michigan and relocated to Indianapolis, where she met Rob, her co-author and husband. Most nights she is asleep early because most days she rises even earlier. And in those times she is even respectful of Rob, who sleeps later than her. Nowadays, she raises baby Sebastian, loves and advocates for her daughter Lola, writes and even crafts on occasion. She loves motherhood. She’s very good at it, too.


He is snarky. And a little cynical. His laugh is a little devious and sometimes he is quick to make a joke. He is nice, pleasant, agreeable even. He likes some of the dark things that make you chuckle. And he likes all sorts of humors. He carries on numerous conversations in his head. But the most important conversation he has is with his wife each and every day.

Rob is an Indiana boy. Some might say he grew up right in that Indiana town. Others would ask how did he come from Indiana. Either way, he ended up in Indianapolis, where he met Meredith who has an uncanny ability to endure him. Rob likes to write and dabbles in design work. He is currently rocking himself in a corner wondering if he is a good enough father to his children. But Meredith will help him. He should be OK.