Improvements and Much “More”

Lola girl is finally over her first cold and the second top tooth is ever present which means…our happy baby is back! [column size="1-3" last="0" style="0"][/column] [column size="1-3" last="0" style="0"][/column] [column size="1-3" last="1" style="0"][/column] We have witnessed such changes in Lola this past week. There is a level of awareness that is emerging in really all aspects of her life. She is becoming aware of her body and its movement. She watches her hand as she waves it by or she’ll look at her toes as they wiggle. The other day at lunch, I snapped this photo of Lola observantly watching as her finger tapped the table. She’s also much more purposeful as she plays. Of course she still bangs everything in an effort to hear a noise
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Dinner with Friends, Santorini’s and Saying Goodbye

On Tuesday night, we went over to our friends, Mike and Mickey’s for dinner. Spending all of this time with our friends made us realize just how much we were longing to be near them. The evening was such a good time filled with laughter, love and a delicious home cooked vegetarian meal. Mike and Mickey truly went above and beyond so I’m regretful I don’t have pictures to share the experience. Thanks guys for a wonderful evening! My mom’s last night with us was on Wednesday evening. We wanted to take her some place special and we knew Greek food would be something she would definitely enjoy so we went to Santorini’s in Fountain Square. The food, as always, was delicious and I am on day two
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In this video, Melissa is working hard to keep Lola’s focus on the black and white image.

In this video, Melissa is working hard to keep Lola’s focus on the black and white image.  This was the third image Melissa had used and you can see that Lola begins to get easily distracted.  We were told always to introduce the object from left to right.  The paper object should be transferred to a harder surface (such as a folder) and should never be laminated as the plastic can show reflections.  It should remain about an arm length away from the baby’s gaze and it should always be slowly moved.   Here is a link to similar objects that Melissa gave to us:

Day 2 – April 29th, 2011

Generally, this is how Lola looks when she is on her play mat.  She rarely looks up and it is quite obvious now that it is because she can’t focus on what she is seeing.  Rob and I always wondered about Lola’s sight and even asked our original pediatrician about it.  It was so early on in her life, therefore he did not think it was an issue.   At almost four months old, the book What to Expect – The First Year says that she should be able to focus on something the size of a raisin.  But for Lola, she can’t focus on something that is the size of a plate.  Something in her brain prevents her (most likely the epileptic foci).  Before the diagnosis, we honestly
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