Baby: 100% Naturally Delivered

Penned by Meredith

Cesarean sections are the norm down here in Costa Rica. Perhaps because it can be a planned event, perhaps it is easier on the doctors schedule or perhaps because the soon-to-be mom feels it is what is safer for her baby. Regardless of their reasons, I am choosing to be the minority down here. I want to have a natural, drug-free birth.

When I first found out I was pregnant, I was sure I would get the epidural and have the baby in the least painful way possible. As my pregnancy progressed and I began to educate myself about the birthing process, I soon realized that maybe I needed to reevaluate this decision. I remember when I first told Rob about my plan to have an epidural, he was quick to tell me about the risks. I was extremely defensive and explained that I just didn’t think I could handle the physical pain. Well, after reading about these “risks”, I now know where he was coming from and I’m glad he spoke up when he did.

I never thought I would be such a naturalist about having Lola, but I’m beginning to just want to have her in the most natural sense possible. Now there are a couple of factors that could lead to a different type of delivery. The first is if she is in any type of distress. If having a c-section will save her life, better her life or simply bring her into this world in the least stressful way, then yes… I will have a c-section in a heartbeat. I will make sure that it is the LAST resort option though.

The second deciding factor is that I’ve had two joint preservation hip surgeries. We knew my hips would most likely cause me pregnancy trouble long before we actually knew I was pregnant. They just aren’t built like most women. I have written to my orthopedic hip surgeon in the States regarding his thoughts on this process, but he has told me we will have to see when I get there. Not a concrete answer, but I wasn’t told “no” either. I think my hips have been handling my extra 20 pounds quite well, but every now and then my surgical hip pops out of socket and causes an excruciating amount of pain.

So, if neither of these two factors come into play, then we plan on having Lola the good ole fashioned way. The way both of our mothers had us. The most simplistic, most painful, most natural way possible. Ouch!

**I will just add a quite note here as I don’t want to put too much pressure on myself by saying I am Super Woman with my high tolerance for pain. If I happen to break down and ask for some pain relief during labor I will not beat myself up about it. I’m going into this thinking that it won’t be an option (I don’t even want Dr. Nisman to offer it to me), but if I break down and ask, I will not look down upon myself for not being able to succeed. I’m just really really hoping that I can be strong enough mentally and physically to endure the pain. I suppose we will see in about twelve weeks!