Welcome Olivia

Just over a week ago, my sister welcomed her third child, Olivia Morgan into the world. Both my sister and baby Olivia are doing great and I can’t wait to wrap my arms around the newest addition to our family.

Along with my sister, I have quite a few close friends also getting ready to give birth. Babies, babies, babies. I’m ecstatic about all of the babies, so ecstatic that my once “I’ll never have another baby” thought is slowly starting to dissipate from my mind. In truth, I haven’t allowed myself to even think about having another child because I felt it was unfair to Lola. In fact, I feel like I’m cheating on her right now for evening writing this post! But in all honesty, after learning about her conditions and the emotional rollercoaster that went along with it…well, I just sort of blocked the thought of having another child out of my mind. I wanted to make sure Lola had my undivided attention, every last ounce of energy and every resource I could possibly provide. But in reality, those were expectations I was putting on myself. A child (special needs or not) only needs a safe place to call home, food in the tummy, an endless amount of love and a lot of affection. Lola is on a healthy path right now and while no one can predict the future, I know she will be taken care of. Rather than negatively impacting her, I think a sibling might actually be quite good for Lola. It would be someone she could grow up with, play with, learn from, teach and love. Rob and I are both young, we’re educated, we’re healthy (except for the nasty gall bladder they just took out of me), we may not have all the money in the world, but very few do. We have a tiny little house, but cozy is fine by me. I’m sure people happily live in more cramped conditions than we do. And truthfully, more like shockingly…I loved being pregnant. I loved seeing the first sonogram when Lola was nothing but a tiny tadpole with a big head. I loved how giddy I felt the very first time I felt her hiccups through my belly. I just loved that my body was able to create such a stunningly remarkable little girl. She may not be “typical” as my sister and I now call less than perfect kids (do perfect kids even really exist?), but I think we created a hell of a girl. So with that, I am now opening up the thought…just the thought of having another kid. And who knows it may or may not happen. I’m quite content with just the three of us, but I feel like another babe would be a fun and welcomed addition. But we have a lot of life to get in order before we start trying or wait…maybe I should ask my husband about it first!

For those of you with special needs babes: Was it hard to decide to have another baby?