This morning Lola had a MRI at Riley Hospital for Children in Downtown Indianapolis in hopes to get clearer images so that an accurate diagnosis can be made. While the actual diagnosis doesn’t change much of anything in regards to her treatment and therapies, it is still necessary to know. Lola’s neurologist in Costa Rica diagnosed her with Isolated Lissencephaly in the occipital lobe. The first neurologist Lola saw here in Indy thought it was more Pachygyria than Lissencephaly. And Lola’s current neurologist simply said she wasn’t going to put her name behind any diagnosis without better images. So a diagnosis needs to be made which is why we agreed to subject Lola to another MRI. The girl handled it like a champ though. In fact, I think the worst part for her was the fasting after midnight. She is used to a full bottle when she first wakes up followed by a massive breakfast, so she was quite perturbed that we wouldn’t allow her to eat. Thankfully there were no delays when we arrived at the hospital this morning. Lola was the first patient of the day so we were immediately taken back.

The nurse went through the routine questions like allergies, illnesses, medications, etc… She then asked about therapies and Rob and I naively responded, “physical, occupational and developmental” only to have redirect her question. “Does she receive any treatments on a daily basis?” and then I quickly understood she meant therapies as in dialysis, breathing treatments, feeding and more. It was in that moment I realized just how lucky our situation really is. At the Children’s Hospital, you see children with all sorts of different ailments, illnesses and conditions. Many of them don’t get to experience the simple aspects of childhood as their days are spent in the hospital. Walking through the halls, I couldn’t help but hold back the tears. Life seems so unfair to have children suffer the way they do. So while my heart tinged with sadness as I watched my daughter breath in gas as it slowly put her to sleep, I thanked God that our hospital time is and hopefully will continue to be short.

After an hour of waiting, we were told the MRI was over and Lola was in recovery. Just as I told her “Mommy’s here” as she fell asleep, I whispered “Mommy’s here” again as she began to wake up. Her eyes were heavy and she seemed confused, but she was OK. The nurse said she did great and told us to expect results no later than Monday. After Lola showed she could keep her juice down, we were told she could go. We thought she would spend the day groggy and tired, but the girl has been amped up all day. She has been happy, perky, talkative and extra giggly, in fact, the exact opposite of how I was last Wednesday when I came out of anesthesia. I must be a wuss!

After an enormous lunch, Lola and I went on a bike ride. The sun was shining, the birds were chirping and we needed some fresh air. I was excited to show Lola the sights, but we didn’t even make it to the end of the street before I saw this.

I was half-tempted to turn around, but she was out cold and perhaps it was more so me who needed that fresh air.

The Monon Trail

The White River

After an hour of exploring, Lola finally woke up chatting away to tell me she wanted a cookie from our favorite neighborhood eatery, The Illinois Street Food Emporium. OK, maybe it was me wanting the cookie, but she seemed to enjoy it just as much.

It is now after 9:00 pm and the girl is still wide awake…like in crazy mode awake. But we’re home, she’s safe, she’s healthy and we are happy. Have a good night everyone!