Pure Michigan

Last weekend was a girls getaway as my mom, Lola and I headed up to Michigan to see friends and family. For those of you that don’t know, I grew up in Battle Creek, Michigan aka home of Kellogg’s and Post Cereal. That was and is Battle Creek’s name to fame. I can recall waking up in the morning and enjoying the smell of cereal being freshly made. Perhaps this is why I’m still a cereal junkie to this day. My husband knows my dinner will be cereal if he isn’t around to deter me from it. But when your mother has a maiden name of “Flake”…well I guess it’s in my genes.

So I was rather excited to be home when the Battle Creek Cereal Festival was going on. It was a wonderful weekend spent enjoying the past times I loved as a kid like attending the Cereal Parade and chowing down on endless bowls of cereal at the World’s Longest Breakfast Table. As much as I love cereal, the best part was getting to see my family and closest friends.

She slept almost the entire trip from Indy to Michigan.

Even though she was born in Costa Rica...she is an all American girl now!

Our city's mascot, Tony the Tiger.

Despite the hard times, Michigan is still a beautiful place.

My favorite girls

My people...I love them all.

As I mentioned before, Lola’s eyesight has been thriving lately. Over the weekend, she was quite the mama’s girl and I think it stems from her being able to see me clearer (or at least understand the image of me). I must say I certainly didn’t mind that she was overly affectionate and a tad bit emotional. She would often look for me as she was being held by someone else. When she found me, she would begin to cry for me to get her. While it made others question what they were doing wrong, I had a tinge of happiness because my daughter knew she wanted to be with me. Odd as that may sound, it’s those little interactions between us that I, as a mother, have been longing for.

Visiting Granpa Wally

I love Michigan. I love seeing my friends and family. I love the scenery. I love the lakes. I love the memories. I just think it is an amazing place. Who knows? Maybe we’ll go back someday, but until then, I’m lucky to be just a few hours away.