Oh Life, Please Settle Down

Well, I started this post last week and then every kid disease and ailment took over my house. Lola was sick and it turned out it was Hand, Foot, Mouth Disease. I think Rob and I had it last weekend and of course Sebastian got it too. Aggghhh!! I didn’t even know what the heck HFMD was until I learned about the epidemic it has become in Indiana this year. Plus Sebastian is teething. And then throw Lola’s epilepsy on top of all of it. Well, it’s been just an epic couple of weeks in the Howell house. I should be doing nice things for myself in this downtime, but I think I’ll go and disinfect my house, my mind and my soul from all of this crap that’s been going on.

So how about a quick update and a few nice pictures until I find time to post again…

Registration day at school

Registration day at school


It looks as if Lola’s seizures may be diminishing. They definitely got worse before they got better which was worrisome for Rob and me. We were receiving daily phone calls from the school about Lola’s seizures, but thankfully it appears as if the Keppra is finally starting to work. She went an entire week without any seizures and then had one over the weekend. We just upped her Keppra on Saturday morning so she is now at the therapeutic dose. If all goes well and we don’t see any seizures then we will begin to wean her off of the Trileptal. I’ve been posting about it over on Facebook so feel free to like us over there for updates.


Lola has returned to the Indiana School for the Blind and Visually Impaired. To say she was thrilled to go back would be the grossest understatement of the year because sister was BEYOND thrilled. She loves school, she loves her teachers and she loves the routine of her day. Lola thrives at school and we are lucky she is in a class where she is challenged, engaged, included and most importantly, she’s in a class where she is having fun!






How sweet is her school picture? We were surprised as to how wonderful it turned out because she was less than patient when waiting in line to be photographed. And then trying to get her to sit still was a real challenge in itself. But she looks so grown up and so very beautiful.

And finally, I learned about iMovie and played around with all of the videos saved on my iPhone to create this little masterpiece (kidding) of Lola’s incredible journey with learning to walk. While the video itself could use a few editing techniques, it is the content that brings me to tears every time I watch it. We are just so proud of Lola’s hard work. The girl never gives up and this video is a testament to that.