Happy Birthday Sebastian!

Dear Sebastian,

It was one year ago today you graced us with your unbelievable presence. We should have known you were going to be a force of nature just by the way you came into the world. You were quite happy in mommy’s belly and you were showing no signs of coming out by the time mommy’s due date came around. Four days later, the doctor thought it would be safest for mommy to be induced so you would be born. But you had your own agenda buddy. I didn’t need to be induced because you began to come on your own, right after we checked into the hospital. And then when you were finally being born, you actually got stuck! Now I had been a mom to Lola for three years at that point, but I had never felt as much panic as the night you were born. I was so scared something horrible was happening to you. The look in your daddy’s eyes told me he was scared too. But you finally came out — healthy and as big as an OX! You were huge bud — 10.6 lbs!




That first night it was just you and me at the hospital. Your daddy had to take care of Lola, but that was fine by me. I wanted that sacred time to bond with you. I was so happy to have a son (we didn’t know you were a boy until that very night). I was so happy to have YOU. The nurses joked that they always knew when I was in the bathroom and it’s because it was the only time you’d cry. You hated being put down. You just wanted to be in mommy’s arms and one year later — well you’re still kind of like that.

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This year has brought us so much joy. You have brought us so much joy. Everyone always said how quickly the years go by with kids, but we never understood that concept — until we had you. You see, your sister has been been faced with challenges in her life. Challenges you don’t have. We weren’t sure if you’d have similar challenges, but thankfully you don’t. I say thankfully because Lola’s going to need you to be a strong brother for her. I know that’s a lot of pressure on you, but she’s your sister and we take care of the ones we love. I think that’s why you are developing at such a rapid speed — she needs you to help show her the way.

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Sebastian, I think you are wise beyond your years. You have an intuitiveness within you already and I’m not quite sure where it comes from. Your Grandma Mimi said, “It’s like there’s an adult in there.” And I kind of think she’s right. I don’t know how you know things already, but you do and I’m proud of your inquisitive little mind. You also have the most infectious personality. You can make any bad day better just with a flash of your warm smile. I see a lot of my dad in you. He was always the person to light up a room and you, my boy, have that same striking ability.





These days you are fascinated with how things function and work. You like to take things apart just so you can put them back together. Perhaps you’ll be an engineer like your daddy’s Papa John someday. You LOVE to read books. Every day, I can count on you coming up to me with a book to read. You aren’t too sure about swimming like your sister, but you see how much she enjoys it which makes you try to enjoy it too. You adore any and all types of food. You try to figure out how to stab the food with your fork and I could sit there for hours watching you develop this skill. You don’t give up — and that’s with all aspects of your life. I think you get that from your sister. She’s a fighter too.




You started walking when you were just 10 months old and now you are all over the place! You run (especially when your sister is on the attack), you can kick a ball like a soccer player and you so badly want to understand how to jump like Lola. You keep trying, but you can’t quite get your bootie off the ground. It sure is cute to watch though!



Sebastian, I want you to know how happy we are to have you in our lives. A year ago, I was scared of the dynamic of a family of four. Would I be a good enough mommy to both you and Lola? Would we be able to give you kids the equal amount of love? But those fears were pushed aside the moment you were placed in my arms. You have been a true gift to our family and I couldn’t be more proud of you son.

Happy Birthday Sweet Sebastian!