End of Summer Lola Spam

My mom always says, “Post more pictures of Lola” so there really is no point to this post…I’m just trying to stay on my mother’s good side. 🙂

Lola has become quite expressive these days whether it is her making a goofy face or babbling some crazy babble. Either way, we are seeing little glimpses of her personality coming out and it has been a real pleasure to witness. I love the second photo as it is Lola tilting her head and trying to get a Lola word out. The last picture is of Lola attempting to attack my arms which I will add really hurts. We are trying to teach her “touch nice” as her grabbing has become rather destructive. I will say it is awfully cute when she sees you and immediately tries to grab your face!

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Rob does this thing where he lifts his arms up and says “YEAH” really loud. Lola thinks it is the funniest sound her dad has ever made. Here she is trying to imitate his actions!

Taking a breather.

Since the days of the outdoor YMCA pool are coming to an end, the three of us braved the chilly water and Lola had a blast showing us how she can “kick kick” in the water. It’s amazing to see how at ease she is while you see other kiddos screaming their heads off as their parents put them in the water. Lola comes alive in the water which makes my own water mama heart happy.

I love that you can see her little teeth!

How will you enjoy the last days of summer?