And So The Transition Begins

A couple of weeks ago, we moved Lola into her very own big girl bed. We considered many options in regards to a bed for her. Was she ready to move out of a crib? Would she be safe in a raised toddler bed? Should we buy a toddler mattress to put on the floor first? Should we consider a twin size mattress on the floor? After many long discussions, Rob and I decided we would move Lola to a twin mattress that would stay on the floor.

Big Bed-4

Lola is a long girl and we would often hear her hit the sides of her crib which would inadvertently disrupt her sleep. We did not feel that Lola was ready to sleep in a raised bed as her comprehension of “falling” just isn’t there yet. Buying a toddler mattress for the floor seemed like a waste of money because of the little secret I learned while doing my research…a toddler mattress really is a crib mattress. OK, OK so it may be a tad bit softer, but other than that…same size. The twin mattress is big enough that she can grow into it and better yet…I can lie in there with her when I need extra Lola time. It is a mattress we can eventually use for a raised big, big girl bed. And what we liked most of all is that the floor bed promotes a certain level of freedom for Lola (the Montessori Method is highly fond of floor beds). If she is not ready to go to bed, we can leave her in there (gate on one entrance, door closed on the other) to play, relax or do whatever she wishes to do until she is ready for bed. When she wakes in the morning, she can now start her day without fussing for us to come get her. Some mornings she will play, others she will cry immediately most likely because she is hungry and on real ambitious days, she will somehow maneuver the door open on her own and crawl into our room (even with door handle guards on and everything – we are proud and yet this is our new nightmare). Of course, her room is sparce with furniture as we are still putting it together, but we are adamant about her safety so nothing can be pulled over on top of her, her blinds are cordless and even though her bed is only inches off the floor, we still bought a nifty inflatable bed rail to help break any fall. We are thrilled with how well she has taken to the transition, we have found that she is actually sleeping better throughout the night (even when I find her sleeping in the middle of the floor) and we are simply ecstatic that our little girl can enjoy this independence.

Big Bed

Big Bed-2

Along with the many reasons I mentioned above, the most obvious reason for moving Lola into a new room with a new bed is because I’m almost 24 weeks pregnant. I had an ultrasound a couple of weeks ago and Baby Howell seems to be growing right on schedule. I could have easily glanced over to see the sex of Baby Howell, but opted for the big surprise instead. I’m enjoying life as a pregnant woman these days. I was a bit skeptical in the beginning (thank you morning sickness), in fact, I thought I must have been hallucinating when thinking back to how much I loved being pregnant with Lola. But these days, I’m simply enjoying all the aspects of this pregnancy (especially because it will most likely be my last).

I indulge in my cravings of everything savory, hot sauce, cranberry pomegranate juice and fruity candy. I try to suck it up when my sciatic causes me unbearable pain (although I do complain about this a lot). I am giddy when I feel the kicks which are now real kicks and no longer tiny flutters. And I happily answer all of the questions people have in regards to my due date (January 6th), do I know the sex (no), do we have names (nope – got any?), is Lola excited (she doesn’t understand yet) and many many more. I’ve gotten used to those who come up and rub my belly without asking. I figure if they find happiness from it than why shouldn’t I? And as the room transition continues and as I start to buy tiny items once again, it’s all beginning to feel a bit surreal. Life really is going to change due to this human I am creating even as I type this. It is so fascinating yet so frightening. Lola is indeed going to be a big sister. Rob and I are going to be parents of a newborn again. Our family of three will soon be a family of four. At times, it is simply too overwhelming to take in. But then I feel that kick and I hold my sweet Lola tight and I look into my husbands eyes and I think…all will be OK. We got this. This baby will complete us. This baby is going to be born into a family that may be a bit quirky and OK, a bit dysfunctional at times, but this baby will be born into a family that sure knows how to love. After all he or she was created out of that love.

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