A Quick Catch-Up Through Pictures

I warned you.

I had a hunch this pregnancy would keep me away from my beloved blog. I can’t blame it on morning sickness anymore because finally at 14 weeks, I’m starting to be amongst the living once again. I guess you could say I’m just one tuckered out mama. Between working extensive hours, keeping up with my crazy 2 1/2 year old, trying to at least put my laundry away and staying present in my marriage…well, I guess I’m just stretched a little thin right now (although my belly is stretching WAY out). When I plop my tush down at the end of the day, I just want to sit still, not move and not think. I just want to be. Actually, I just want to be more energetic, but I know that will come soon enough. OK, OK maybe in 18 years.

NESCO (Near Eastside Community Organization) Games

We live in a neighborhood where people are active in their community. Whether it be helping with a block clean up, keeping an eye out for suspicious activity, helping an elderly neighbor with chores, supporting the new local business that just opened or buying goodies to help the local schools, I can honestly say…people live in this neighborhood because they choose to. We knew we were planting roots in a good place, in fact, we felt it the instant we moved in. And while we didn’t need much more convincing, it was awfully cool to hear that our neighborhood could join other Near Eastside neighborhoods in a friendly competition called the NESCO Games. It is essentially the Olympics of the Near Eastside. They have everything from volleyball, basketball, trivia, euchre, an iron chef cook-off, softball, dodgeball and much more. Sadly, my mom, Lola and I would be in Michigan for most of the week, but Rob was able to compete in a few events (he even took home a couple of medals!).

Lola's Daddy in action

Lola’s Daddy in action

July 3 2013-2

Rob's biggest fans

Rob’s biggest fans

July 3 2013-3


Just as we did last year, us ladies (Lola, my mom and myself) headed up to Michigan to visit with friends and family. As always, we had the most delightful time. It is a wonderful opportunity for my mom and me to catch up during our 3 1/2 hour car ride. We reminisce, we laugh, we cry, I ask her stories about her childhood and my deceased family members, this time she asked me about expectations, fears and excitement about this new baby. Lola chimes in with her chatter, demands her own attention as well as many snacks. And when we arrive to Michigan, we are always greeted by the welcoming arms of our family and friends.

July 3 2013-5

July 3 2013-7

July 3 2013-20

This trip, I learned my mom could play the piano.

This trip, I learned my mom could play the piano.

Binder Park Zoo

This year the stars were aligned just right and my sister and her kids (from Colorado) were in Michigan as well. It warmed my heart with happiness to see our kids together, experiencing things we did as children. Distance makes you cherish those special and rare moments. One outing we went on was to the Binder Park Zoo. It’s interesting how different experiences look through your eyes as an adult. I was mesmerized by the sheer size of the Zoo as well as the breathtaking views. For an instant, you forget that you are in Michigan at all.

July 3 2013-14


July 3 2013-9

July 3 2013-15

Very interested in the goats

Very interested in the goats

July 3 2013-13

Baby Olivia's feet were quite interesting that day!

Baby Olivia’s feet were quite interesting that day!

July 3 2013-17

Going back home is a good time to remember that life in the ole BC (Battle Creek) wasn’t quite so bad after all. In fact, it was just the opposite. And you can feel it when the trip is over and you get back on I-94 leaving behind good memories and most importantly…good people. While I may have put down new roots here in Indianapolis, I will always feel a tug, a tiny reminder that Michigan is where my life began.

July 3 2013-16

We always go to visit my dad.

We always go to visit my dad.

July 3 2013-19

July 3 2013-10

Finally, a few pictures from the last few days with my mom visiting. I could go on and on about how much I loved having her here and about how she just makes life feel more complete with simply her presence, but anyone who knows me knows how much my mama means to me. She is a special lady and she couldn’t have come at a better time no thanks to my worsening morning sickness. Thanks for everything Mom!

July 3 2013-19

July 3 2013-21

Grandma's last day at the park with Lola.

Grandma’s last day at the park with Lola.