A Feeding Frenzy

While Lola’s skills seem to be blossoming on a daily basis, the one area that seems to be the most troublesome is in the self-feeding department. And naturally, have you ever tried to feed yourself with your eyes closed? I mean, we know Lola can see, but the low vision proves to be a challenge when it comes to feeding time. Lola does great with large items that are easy for her to hold, but if there is any type of odd texture (for instance – a banana) she simply wants to mash it into an oblivion. Out of curiosity, I checked out a feeding class for kids with disabilities. Typically for an eight week class with the child going once a week, it is $90 – $140 per session…PER session. Listen, I want my kid to learn to feed herself more than anyone, but that price tag seems a bit outrageous to me. Of course if I feel we just aren’t getting anywhere with it, I’ll check it out, but until then…we are going to keep trying on our own.

This week, we thought we’d try out one of Lola’s favorite foods…tapioca pudding. We thought if she knew it was something she really wanted then she would eventually dip her fingers in the pudding and then eat it. Well the texture was clearly more fun for Lola to paint with so it didn’t quite go as planned. It was hilarious watching her explore with it though.

Pudding Picaso

I knew it could get messy, but I gave her the spoon. How else will she ever learn unless she we get a bit sticky? Pudding was flying everywhere!

Almost there…


This is what success looks like!

Of course, I clapped and cheered when she finally did it so she knew the reward for her putting the spoon in her mouth was not only the food, but also a crazy, goofy response from her mother.

Lola’s dad tried this approach yesterday, but she wasn’t as interested. We’ll keep trying different methods and hopefully one day, it will all just make sense. Ann Hughes from VIPS-Bloomington will be here in June with literature on children with vision impairments and self-feeding. We are also working on Lola holding her own bottle, but she is so protective over her hands that it has been a real challenge. I know she will get it in due time, but we’d love to hear what has worked with your children.

Anyone have any advice?

I know people have been asking about the MRI results, but we promise to be back next Monday with details as we meet with Lola’s neurologist, Dr. Zimmer then.

Have a great Memorial Day!!