Much needed time with mama’s

They all see something intriguing.

How’s that for eye contact?

Ophelia checking out Lola.

Looking at the toy.

Grabbing the toy.

What improvements!!

Let me try that hand.

The girls and their girls.

Sakura & Noah

Noah and the chicks.

Yesterday Lola and I spent the afternoon with our other mama friends and their babies.  It was the first time we just plopped the kids on the floor to see how they would interact.  It was amazing to see how they all responded to one another.  Lola was thrilled to be hanging out with the babies and it was fun to watch.  I think the baby interaction is good for Lola as it enables her to tap into all of her senses.  Of course it’s good for us moms too.  Nothing like eating an uninterrupted lunch because the babes were happy.  🙂