Fluctuations – Part II

I have no idea if it is a side effect from the steroids, but Lola’s hair is growing ridiculously fast and I must say… a bit uneven. 

Seeing that I am a woman of the 80’s, I love all things 80’s related.  But homegirl is getting a little 80’s rattail!  She looks so cute even with her new crazy do.   

As for me, the pregnancy hormone is definitely exiting my body.  I’m glad to finally be feeling not quite so up and down, but damn I am losing all of the aesthetic benefits of being pregnant.  My hair is not nearly as soft as before and now it is falling out in tiny handfuls.  My nails are back to being short and stubby and they are as soft as a 5 year olds.  My skin now takes layers of lotion.  I even busted out my good Kiehl’s in hopes of maintaining my pregnancy skin.  I think this calls for an afternoon at the Spa.  What a nice Mother’s Day present that would be… are you reading this honey?  🙂