Lounging with Lola

Yesterday Lola and I laid around in the grass while Rob diligently cleaned our car. I didn’t participate much in the outdoor projects as I’m continuing to use my “I just got out of the hospital” excuse at least until the weekend is over. While I’m feeling stronger every day, I still feel rather punkish at various intervals which leads me to lying around with the Babe. I love these pictures because Lola is actually looking at the camera. I’m fascinated with her continuous vision improvement and she has recently become fascinated with the camera.

My baby Mozart

Home sweet home

Lola and I gazed up at the sky and talked about the wonders of life when suddenly our mailman, a total Jerry Garcia look-a-like blurted out that we had a package. I love the man and I love getting packages, but damn did he ruin our moment.

Our interruption ended with a pleasant surprise as Lola’s Grandma Rene’ sent us a care package full of books with animated songs along with a beautiful necklace. Thank you Grandma Rene’!

Intently listening

And finally my favorite picture of Lola from the day…I swear it looks as if I caught her in the act of doing something bad!

Tomorrow we are heading to downtown Indy to walk for the son of a friend of ours in the 2012 Walk Now for Autism Speaks. If you are interested in participating in an event near you, please check out the website.

Have a great weekend!