Happy Birthday Lola!

Dear Baby Lola,

I suppose it is inappropriate to continue to call you baby Lola as you are turning three years old today. OK, I’ll be cliché and say you’ll always be my baby, but – in truth – you are becoming a big girl. And not just figuratively either. Your father was holding you in the cradle position the other night and realized you were sprawling out of his arms with your length. How did you get to be so big so fast?

It’s hard to imagine you’ve been in our lives three years already yet it’s hard to imagine a life before you. And now here you are just days away from going to school full-time. When I heard your bus schedule this week, my heart sank into my stomach. Your days are going to be long yet I know it is you who will thrive. As worried as I’ve been about this next phase of your life, I am now realizing the fears I have are for myself. What will I do without you all day? I know, I know…I’ll be caring for your little brother or sister, but I’ve just grown accustomed to spending my days with you and now you’re leaving me.

Listen to me.

Who knew such sentiment was in this old Polish Leo?

But you’ve done this to me little one. My life became so much more purposeful the day you were brought into my world. I didn’t know then what challenges you would soon face, but my God have you come so far. You are getting physically stronger, your speech is exploding and you just are blossoming right before our very eyes. It hasn’t been an easy road for you my love and believe me, I’d smooth the path if I could. But you never give up. You rarely even fuss when a task proves to be too challenging. You simply find a Lola way and that – to me – makes you one of the most inspiring people I’ve ever met. But I know others feel the same.

I write about your life…I have for your entire three years in this world. Some days I find myself asking why I continue to write because – to us – you’re just our awesome daughter Lola. You do all the things other kids do that can drive us crazy yet you can also put on the charm when the charm is needed. You are stubborn which must come from me. You are hilariously goofy and that must come from your father (you know it’s true honey). You are beautiful, charismatic, loving, strong-willed and just down right perfect. I write about you because others are just as in awe of you as I am. I write about you because you are ridiculously special. I write about you because someday I want you to see how far you’ve come and how many lives you’ve impacted along the way. You give others hope. Your light will continue to shine the way for other families, I just feel lucky I get to see it every single day. And now you’re about to become a big sister and that light will shine the way for him or her. You are going to be such a good sister. You have already taken the “coolest daughter” crown. But if you happen to have a sister, make sure you share that crown. She already has high enough standards to live up to. I mean there is an entire website devoted just to you my love.

Happy Birthday Lola Anabelle!

With much love,
Your Mama