Lola’s Bio

Lola was born on January 4th, 2011 at 4:42 am.  She weighed 7.3 lbs and was 19.5 inches long.  She was a beauty right out of the gates.  And with a name like Lola, how could she not be?  She was the sweetest little baby.  Of course, she was like most babies who are finding their way outside of their mother’s embrace.  But Lola had her own way about the things of a baby’s life.  She always smiled, even if no one was trying to provoke her.  She even smiled while she slept, which brought on many more smiles from her parents.  She loved to be moved and rocked to sleep, making her parents appear to have nervous fits since they were constantly moving to get her to sleep.  But when she wasn’t smiling she was crying.  As her crying became more and more pronounced it created worry in her parents, especially her beautiful mother.

Until one day Lola began to do something strange.  She began to seize; her personality seemed to move backwards while a far-away, distant look overcame her usual smile.  Then something very strange happened – she began to stiffen up and push her arms up in the air, like an electric current animated her every motion.  Her parents, maybe too vigilant and worrisome, took her to her doctor.  She went through some tough times.  She was pricked and prodded, hooked up to all manner of machines, and even made to ingest some disgusting medications.  But somehow she always managed to smile.  Even when the doctor told her parents she had West Syndrome, she was off smiling and cooing away.  And she is a happy baby now, as much as she ever has been.  Her smile can light up an entire room.  She has an aura about her that makes others want to fight over who will be the next to hold her.  And it’s not just because she is a baby.  Oh no.  There is that little something about Lola.  That unexplainable little something.  It makes you try to get a glimpse her future.  And once you begin to wonder, you can begin to see all the amazing things she will go on to do with her life.  And even despite all the hurdles a young baby could have placed in her path, she will be just fine.  She just needs a bit more time is all.  This little girl isn’t her condition.  No, she’s something more than that.  She’s Lola: A curious, beautiful, wondrous, smiling, happy little girl.  And to her parents she means everything.