Through the Looking Glass Gala

Last weekend, two of my closest friends drove down from Michigan to help with the Indiana Blind Children’s Foundations Inaugural “Through the Looking Glass” Gala. I joined the auction committee a few months ago and have been working hard with a small group of talented young women to help raise funds for the Indiana School for the Blind and Visually Impaired. The event was nothing short of amazing and I’m proud to have been a part of it. I must say I’m even prouder that I had my girls, Alexis and Mindi right there by my side. They spent Saturday afternoon helping us set up the event, they took on any job that was designated to them that evening and they both held my hand and sobbed with me as the ever-so-talented, Tom Sullivan spoke words about living with a vision disability, a subject that hit so close to home. I’m lucky to have two of the best friends a girl could ask for and I’m even luckier that I now live just a few short hours away from them. Thank you Alexis and Mindi for not only helping out with this event, but for always being by my side through all of the hurdles life has had to offer. I am forever grateful to have you both as my friends.

The talented, Tom Sullivan.

A blind student from the ISBVI.

My parents donated to the Live Auction along with other Costa Rica friends, Desafio and the Villa Hermosa!

While Mindi and Alexis always hear about Lola and her adventures, they were really able to get to know her better over the weekend. Lola doesn’t give her love out freely…a quality I actually admire about her, but she became quite fond of the girls rather quickly. In fact, by the end of their stay she kept patting Mindi to play with her and every time Alexis would try to get ready, she would grab her arm in an effort to get her attention. I loved seeing my daughter come out of her shell and I loved watching my friends get so excited about Lola’s little nuances. They’d say things like, “Look Meredith – she just hit that button!” or “Did you just see her reach out and grab that?” They get that those nuances are tiny victories and I appreciate their ability to recognize this. I know relationships are just forming that will indeed last a lifetime. I can only hope Lola finds as good as friends as I have found someday in her life.

The Gala was great and I’m truly very honored to have been a part of it…but I have a confession to make…my heart belongs to another organization. You’ll have to wait until tomorrow to read about it as the princess wants her mama to hold her before bed. G’night all!