Third Wedding and a Birthday

Hard to believe so much time has passed since my last blog post. It’s not that nothing has gone on — it’s simply that life has been too jammed packed with excitement to sit down and actually write about it.

Wedding #3

Three years ago, Rob and I did what most couples only dream of doing…we had a “destination wedding” in Costa Rica. Although how lucky for us that we actually were living in Costa Rica when we decided to take that leap into blissful eternity. Our first ceremony was when we were legally married by a Costa Rican lawyer and then a few days later we said our vows publicly in a beautiful union amongst all of our family and friends. But when we moved back to the States, our marriage was not recognized by U.S. Law and rather than going through all of the troublesome paperwork, we simply decided to get married once again. For the third time.



And just as I was when we married in Costa Rica, I was pregnant once again.


But there was something special about saying vows once again. It was a reminder of how far we’ve come in our quest together as a couple (over six years now), it validated our unequivocal love for one another and it helped lay the legal path for us to know that if something happens to either of us the other is taken care of. To be quite honest, it was a beautiful ceremony. We vowed once again to love one another amongst our closest friends (even married by one), in our backyard, with our daughter making noises in the background and our new baby growing in my belly. We ate at a Thai restaurant afterward, Rob was forced to clean one of Lola’s epic blowout diapers in the parking lot (more on that later) and we were able to laugh that hey – this is married life. And what a wonderful life it is.



I turned 32 one week later. Let me backtrack. July 23rd marked the 10th anniversary (although I hate that word anniversary because it’s nothing to celebrate) of my fathers death. You could say my birthday has always been tainted by that day because how can you celebrate another year of life when part of you is missing. This year my heart was heavy on my day. Call it pregnancy hormones or call it just plain sadness. Either way, I would have preferred to stay in bed with the curtains drawn. Rob sensed my mood and finally decided we were to do whatever would put a smile on my face. The only thing I could think of was to see Lola smile so off we went to the bounce park, Monkey Joe’s. Never did I think that I would celebrate my birthday with a bunch of screaming kids but I can tell you — within minutes of our arrival, my somber mood indeed became a happy one. No longer was I letting the past haunt my state of mind and no longer was I letting the future taint it. I was able to relax my worries and just be happy.





A post on Lola to follow soon….