Sweet Baby Howell

This follow-up post was supposed to be just that – an immediate follow-up to my last post. But hey…I’m pregnant (29 weeks now) and I’m already a mama to a child who now treats our living room furniture like a darn jungle gym (even gets up on the coffee table with this crazy look of pride) which means no eyes can be taken off of her. Ever.

Well I had discussed before about why our family and friends were in Indianapolis to visit…and while the immediate reason was obviously to hang out with the coolest child on the planet, they were also here to help celebrate the soon arrival of Baby Howell.

Sweet Baby Howell.

A pre-party selfie.

A pre-party selfie.

The restaurant where I work was graciously donated to us to celebrate my baby shower. Upon arrival, I was mesmerized as well as in tears when I saw the transformation of the restaurant and all thanks to my good friends. You know, at one point in my life I would have been ecstatic to have a party thrown for me, but at this stage…well I just felt very humbled to be surrounded by such amazing individuals who obviously care an awful lot for me. Everything was thought of from the color of the invitation (yellow – my favorite color), the food (all vegetarian), the treats (Sees Lollypops and Chiky Cookies) and even the Anticipation Punch was made with Vernor’s Ginger Ale (what I lived on the first trimester of my pregnancy). There was not a single aspect of the party that wasn’t well thought out and all night, I kept reminding myself that it’s OK to let others take care of me…me and Baby Howell that is.

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The famous Anticipation Punch.

The famous Anticipation Punch.

The early evening party was filled with close friends, family, co-workers as well as many of my guests from the restaurant. We ate lots of delicious food, old friends reminisced while new friends made introductions, we played games, I was given motherly advice on how to care for TWO children and most of the evening was spent chasing Miss Lola around. I took advantage of the fact that we were in a room full of women so I sort of pawned her off onto all the willing takers so I could be an active participant in my own party.

She wasn't nearly as excited about the party as I was.

She wasn’t nearly as excited about the party as I was.

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My Mom's

My Mom’s

During one game, the women were asked to create babies out of Play-Doh and I was to choose the winners based on three categories: Most Creative, Most Silly and Most Disturbing. While my mother’s was right up there with Most Disturbing, a few others surpassed her scary version of a baby.

I called my mom's a freaky pumpkin head baby.

I called my mom’s a freaky pumpkin head baby.


The rest of the evening was spent opening gifts…and I mean LOTS of gifts. People were beyond generous and all I kept saying was thank you because that’s all I could do to express my gratitude. Sweet Baby Howell was kicking like crazy that night and I’m sure it’s because he or she could feel the love that was being shown to his (for easy writing purposes lets just say he) mama that night.

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Thank you to all of you that helped make that night so special!

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