Right When You Least Expect It

Two nights ago, it had seemed like any other typical night. Rob was working on the computer as Lola and I practiced talking, making noises and just settling down before bed. Lola’s crib is still in our room which is clearly an issue I probably should address someday soon, but that’s a whole other blog post. Anyway, her crib is at the end of our bed and her new obsession is to bang her pacifier on the crib while sitting on the bed. She likes to look over into the crib and she gets crazy irate when she drops her paci in it because, unlike before, she can actually see her paci now. So as I watching Dancing With the Stars (one of my few guilty pleasures on the television), I noticed an unusual sight out of the corner of my eye. It was Lola pushing her little bum up in the air while holding on to the crib! Because I hadn’t expected to see that, I literally had to do a double take. I immediately told Rob to look at what our little girl was doing. In shock, we both watched mesmerized by the sight we were seeing. And it was as if she just knew she was doing something miraculous because she just kept on doing it. She must have pushed up over a dozen times!

As ecstatic as we were, it was getting late and sister needed to get some rest. I put her in her crib and low and behold she began to pull herself to standing this time…a full stand too!

I couldn’t get my camera, my phone camera and my video recorder fast enough as I didn’t want to miss this major milestone. You may remember Lola pulled herself to standing a while back, but it hadn’t happened again until Monday night plus I didn’t get to see it for myself because I was at work. But this time, I saw every attempt and every success at Lola trying to stand. I held back tears as I watched my little fighter prove that with time, patience and a lot of love anything can be accomplished…even if the odds are stacked against you.

She went on to pull herself to full standing in her crib well over 20 times. Her daddy would say “stand up Lola” and it was as if she understood completely what that cue meant. She stood anywhere from a few seconds to over a minute. When she was further back from the side of the crib, she would take a couple of tiny steps to get a better hold.

So the foundation has been laid and while I’m not expecting her to start walking next week, I know it’s a start…and a damn good one too. And since her newfound ability to pull to stand, you can see the wheels turning in her head when she can’t reach something. She kneels in a position that would allow her to stand, but she’s smart. She knows when she is on a surface that wouldn’t be so forgiving, like her cushiony crib, and she hesitates to try to stand. It’s as if she doesn’t quite trust her own legs. She’s an intuitive little soul and I wish I could articulate in accurate words the profound sense of pride I have for her.

Lola – you are an inspiration to not only myself and your father, but you inspire so many other parents of kiddos who share similar struggles. Someday, I will let you read all of these blog posts (I hope I don’t embarrass you too much!) as well as letters from around the world of children you inspire. Thank you for all you have taught me…you inspire me to work hard, follow my dreams and never give up. I love you little Lolita and couldn’t be prouder!