Our Family (Including My Belly) is Expanding

We’re back.

I guess I should say I’m back.

After almost three months of taking a blogging hiatus, I can finally tell you why it was necessary that I take a hiatus at all.

We are proud to announce that our little family of three will soon be expanding to a family of four…


Baby Howell is due to enter our world on January 6th, 2014. Yes…January 6th. Two short days after Lola’s own birthday on January 4th. Not the best planning on our part, but hey…our kids are going to have one heck of a birthday bash every year. Baby H will be the baby’s name for the next six months as we have decided to wait to discover the sex. We did find out Lola was a girl prior to her birth because the suspense was eating at me. I tried so hard to not find out, but I finally gave in. This time, I want to have that ultimate surprise. Perhaps we’ll make it fun and come up with a little contest!

This baby was not precisely planned, but it wasn’t a huge surprise either. Rob and I have always said we wanted another child, but we were committed to ensuring Lola was on a healthy path before we brought on this new adventure in our lives. And thankfully, Lola is doing great. She still remains seizure free, she is learning, she is thriving, she is making tiny steps to an independent life and she is just the happiest child you’ll ever be around. We think another baby will be quite beneficial to Lola in all aspects of her life. She’ll have someone to teach, to learn from, to explore life with, to bond with and just to love and to love her back.

I think the elephant in the room with those who know about my pregnancy is am I worried this new baby will have the same challenges as Lola?

I would be lying if I said the thought hadn’t crossed my mind, but to be quite honest, I’m not that worried about it. Lola’s neurogeneticist told us that another child has about a 25% chance of having the same unknown genetic condition as Lola. Yet really…Lola’s genetic condition (whatever it may be) is minuscule compared to the other conditions and diseases that are out there. Lola will go on to do accomplish amazing things in her life so why would I worry about having another baby like Lola? Lola is awesomely perfect.

Mom Visit 2013-6

So no.

I’m not worried.

I’ve actually been pretty tranquila this time around. I’m not religiously reading “What to Expect When You’re Expecting”. In fact, I don’t even own it. I’m not fretting about the one cup of coffee I’m having in the morning or the fact that I couldn’t take my prenatal vitamins every day due to EXTREME morning sickness (the ultimate reason why I was absent for three months). I’m not worried about labor and delivery or if I’m going to be a good mom or not. I’m not sure if all the worrying I did the first time around was because I was pregnant for the first time or if I instinctively knew my baby girl would have challenges. As crazy as it sounds, I kind of think I just knew. Yet I don’t have those same feelings this time around which is good because I’ve realized that there is not much you can control when pregnant. I can eat healthy, take my vitamins, not drink alcohol, keep myself safe from crazy situations that could lead to harming myself (I was hoping to rollerblade this summer, but I think I’ll scratch that idea), but that’s really all I can do. This baby will arrive when it wants to, how it wants to and will ultimately be the person that is developing in my belly right at this very moment. I am going to just enjoy this pregnancy as I’m quite sure it will be my last. Rob and I think two is the perfect number for us. That’s a crazy thought in itself…we will soon have children rather than a child. How exciting!

My mom was here for the last three weeks, so I will leave you with a few pictures from our adventures. Hopefully now that my morning sickness is subsiding and I’m starting to regain a bit of energy, I will be back for weekly posts. But if I’m absent…you all know why now!

May 29 2013-7

Mom Visit 2013-2

Mom Visit 2013-3

Mom Visit 2013-4

Mom Visit 2013

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