Just Living

Over the past couple of weeks, I have made a valiant effort to sit down and write a post. But each time, I had to think and think about what to write about. This is rare for me because as you all know…I always have something to say.

This blog started out in Costa Rica. It was originally called “Live Love Travel Souls” and it was pre-marriage and pre-Lola. Rob and I thought we were going to be trekking around to various adventures and the blog would be a great way to share our newfound lives with our family and friends in the States. Then I became pregnant so I was prompted by Rob to write about my pregnancy in a foreign country. Then we got married so we wrote about that. We then had our daughter in a Costa Rican hospital with Spanish speaking nurses and a very inconsiderate (insert every cuss word imaginable) so I shared about that experience. And then Lola began to have her challenges and what once was just a space to talk about whatever became a sacred place. It became therapeutic for me as writing about my feelings somehow helped me get through the tough times. It also became a place where others could learn about various medical conditions, therapies and just how to navigate through life with a special needs child. It was a place for others to find hope. I have always enjoyed writing on the blog, but lately…I just don’t feel like our life is that interesting anymore. We are just like any other family…we may just have different challenges. But what family doesn’t have some type of challenge to face?

I guess where I’m going with this is that I can’t predict which direction this blog will go. I would like to dedicate more time to it, but right now I’m just a busy, working mom. Rob is currently in the process of looking for a job so I will most likely be home with Lola more until she begins preschool. Hopefully then I will be able to explore which path this blog will take. We would like to give it a makeover and I would love to focus more on resources and product reviews. I hope to someday lobby for an initiative so that all emergency room doctors are trained to know what infant seizures look like because so often they don’t. I’m always open to suggestions so if you’d like to see something more on the blog, I’m happy to listen. But for now…if I’m not posting, it doesn’t mean I’ve stopped blogging. It just means that we’re busy living our little ole’ normal life.

A brief update through pictures:


Our new home has three parks within walking distance so last weekend we took advantage of the sunny day and went for a nice long family walk. We came across numerous playgrounds and Lola was in swinging heaven!






Since we’ve moved into our new home, I think we all finally feel settled. And because we’re settled, we spend less time worrying and more time loving.





Our Easter was lowkey as I worked most of the day. I had hopes to dress Lola up in a frilly dress, attend church and make a nice Easter dinner. Instead the clothes were casual, there were no church services (but we did say grace at dinner) and our meal was just a good ole’ homecooked dinner. Bur for us, family is what makes holidays so I guess Easter was as good it could get…because we were all together.

Lola’s Easter basket consisted of sunglasses (because every hip two-year-old needs a cool pair of shades), Animal Cookies, a projector clock, a new rubber ducky for the tub, sidewalk chalk and a marshmellow bunny.



Lola was amazingly good with the sidewalk chalk. It was the first time she really responded to coloring and I think it was because she could actually see the cause and effect of the chalk. Sister could draw her some crazy straight lines too…much better than me!



Being a kid:

Last week, Rob and I were simply a taxi service for Lola. She had one week of intensive patterning therapy (I’ll post about that later) on top of her social group and her regularly scheduled therapies. It was a hectic week which is why it’s so important for Lola just to be a kid too.





We hope our readers had a great Easter!