Just Excited

I have much to share, but getting my thoughts out in a blog post is proving to be challenging this frigid morning in Indianapolis. I generally love my two hours of mama time (as if you all don’t already know this), but today I feel immense pressure to get life organized therefore even sitting still is proving to be difficult. Nothing is bad…in fact, life seems to be heading in a direction that I wouldn’t have dreamed possible a year ago when we moved back from Costa Rica. It just feels as if there is so much to do, to get ready, to learn, to research, to explore and just so much life to live.

Oh emotions…you seem to surface at the most random times. Yet surprisingly (and probably much to my husbands surprise), I don’t feel worried for once. My worrying seems to suffocate my ability to think clearly which makes this point in my life a very welcomed one.

Today the Realtor is coming over to take pictures of our beloved home and it could quite possibly be on the market this very week. I feel a touch anxious about the process as life is indeed about to get hectic, but I’m more so excited about this next chapter in our lives. I look forward to finding a home where Lola can explore without limitations, a place where Rob and I can create our comfort space together and I especially look forward to having enough room where I might actually be able to host a holiday or a dinner party every now and then. Isn’t that what we’re supposed to do in our 30’s? Host dinner parties? Oh how domestic life has taken a hold of me. No longer am I interested in going out to a bar for a drink, I’d rather stay home and cook a good meal for close friends. So Rob (emphasize the keyword: Rob) and I have been busy cleaning and getting our tiny abode ready for potential purchase. I’ve taken it upon myself to research neighborhoods, school and median home prices in hopes that our place sells quickly. OK – I’ve been perusing the Internet for a long time trying to find my dream home. In fact, I look so often Rob will ask if I even remember what homes I’ve already seen. I can’t help it…I’m just that excited.

And the excitement doesn’t end with the home search.

In fact, this next part may be even MORE exciting than buying a new home.

We have found someone who practices “patterning” therapy techniques that are quite similar to the Anat Baniel Method I spoke of many, many months ago. And not only did we learn about this therapist…we actually got Lola in to see her THIS Friday!!

Last week, Lola’s occupational therapist told Rob she wouldn’t be praising Lola for her accomplished goals as her colleague had discussed a new method of treatment she has been practicing with her special needs children. Knowing we had tried this same type of anti-praising technqiue as it disrupts the thought process, Rob keenly listened as he sensed where the discussion was going. And just as he would have guessed, the OT spoke of a therapy method although the name of it escaped her. Rob immediately chimed in and told her the method she was speaking of was called the Anat Baniel Method…the very Method I had been researching, reading and seeking out for Lola for a long time now. Our OT told us she witnessed it herself and she was in utter awe of the results she was seeing with the special needs children down at Riley Children’s Hospital where the patients of this particular therapist are seen. So not only is there someone who knows the Method in Indianapolis, but she sees patients at the very hospital Lola already goes to. What are the chances???!!

I searched the Internet for months trying to find someone in the city and when I couldn’t, I looked at taking Lola out to Anat’s Clinic in California. I was heartbroken when I realized the price tag of taking Lola for a week of intensive sessions would cost our family just shy of $8000 after airfare expenses. I was saddened with the thought that this could potentially be what helps unlocken the mystery to Lola’s challenges yet I couldn’t monetarily provide it for her. The “what if” would always be in my mind so I went back to the drawing board. Eventually I found a Feldenkrais practitioner in the Indy area, but she has been ridiculously hard to get into and her fee is extremely expensive. But if it would help, I was willing to take Lola so I booked a session a few months ago although her appointment still isn’t until next month. A few months may not seem like much time, but to her developing brain it is a lifetime. This time in her life is crucial and I’m so thankful the universe has fulfilled my wish as I have been negotiating, pleading and praying like crazy. This Method could potentially change her life and if it doesn’t…well…if it doesn’t at least I’ll know. At least I’ll know.

Along with this appointment, Lola sees the neurogeneticist for the first time on Friday so we’ll have much to share about that as well. In my heart, I feel all will be OK, but as always we’ll take some good, happy, healing thoughts sent Lola’s way.

Happy Wednesday!

OK – I am posting this much later than I had anticipated so I’ll just quickly share that Lola repeated the word “Nina” (the name of one of her therapists) which is simply crazy because this could in fact be Lola’s first word!

And no…I’m not mad it wasn’t “Mom” as I’m just thrilled she is beginning to repeat syllables!! Yeah Lola!!