Enjoying Summer

A Visit

A couple of weekends ago, we had the pleasure of opening up our home to Rob’s mom and her significant other, Greg. Many people ask if I get along with my mother-in-law in and I’m thankful to say that Kathy and I have a pretty special relationship. When you get married, your spouses people become your people too. I lucked out (and I think Rob would say the same…at least he better!) in the in-law department. I was once saddened by the grave reality that many of my own family members had passed and while those I loved can never be replaced, it’s nice to have more people in my life I can proudly call my family.

Kathy Visit 2013-7

We didn’t plan much for the weekend – – enjoying and relaxing were our main priorities. It had been since Christmas that Kathy had seen Lola so she was excited to simply sit back and admire how much our little flower has bloomed. And Lola…well Lola is quite the social butterfly these days so she was ecstatic to have new people around to entertain her. She once was so hard to get to open up which is what made her that much more intriguing. She didn’t give her love freely. Yet now, she is happy to spark up a conversation (in Lola language) with anyone who’ll listen. It has been wondrous to see her emerge from behind her tiny walls. She engages now. She trusts you now.

Kathy Visit 2013-10

Kathy Visit 2013-9

Most of our time was spent around our dining room table. Greg and Kathy had yet to see our new home, so we didn’t venture out much. Yet when we did, it usually involved more food (I can’t help it…I’m starving all of the time) and hunting for treasures at local rummage and garage sales.

Kathy Visit 2013-8

Rummaged out

Rummaged out

It was a lovely weekend and one that ended all too soon. We loved showing off the home that we created together, spreading the love that Rob, Lola and I share and creating new memories with those that matter the most. It feels so good to feel settled.

Kathy Visit 2013-12

Kathy Visit 2013-11

Badly Drawn Dog

A good friend of mine surprised me at work a couple of weeks ago with a little gift. He had dropped hints that this gift was coming, but I was beyond shocked and extremely emotional when my amazingly talented friend Chris Harden debuted his painting of Lola.


Chris is the artist behind Badly Drawn Dog where his art specialty is pet portraits (or so I thought until I saw Lola’s portrait). Now not just your average cartoon style pet portraits…these portraits are modern and fun yet stylishly artistic. I’m such a Badly Drawn Dog fan that when Chris was shopping around for a web designer, I plugged my own web designer husband in hopes for a little trade. A super cool website traded for an on the way portrait of my pups Zara and Zoe. Well, life is good for this wife who must use her own husbands talents to get some really cool art. And as an added bonus (more because Chris is just a good dude), we were gifted this unbelievable picture of Lola. Let me just say, sister loves looking at herself.


Feast of Lanterns

Speaking of Chris, a couple of weekends ago his family and ours went to the Feast of Lanterns at Spades Park just a few miles from our house. Chris and I have always had a special bond because he understands the challenges Rob and I face as parents because one of his own sons is autistic. In fact, when we worked together, we would often joke about our kids and their superhero powers (and I truly believe this). So it was comforting to have him and his family (lovely wife and three boys) over as we could share quirks, therapies, accomplishments and future sibling advice. Lola is all about the input she gets from others so she was in input heaven with three boys circling around her. I don’t think the smile ever left her face.

Kathy Visit 2013-4

Chris (Badly Drawn Dog) and Lola

Chris (Badly Drawn Dog) and Lola

The Feast of Lanterns is one of the oldest festivals in Indianapolis dating back to 1908. It is a free event filled with live music, artsy vendors, great food and hundreds of hanging paper lanterns (they even have lantern making classes prior to the festival). It was our first time going, but I have to say that when the sun set, the countdown began and the lighting of the lanterns took place…well it felt magical.

Pre sunset

Pre sunset

Kathy Visit 2013-13

Kathy Visit 2013-14

Kathy Visit 2013-6