Catching Up

As life normally does, it seems to continue to fly right on by and next thing you know it’s the middle of October. Unfortunately, I’m finding the quiet moments where I am able to sit down and share our life with all of you have become harder to prioritize. Thankfully, I am off of work for the next two days and after spending some much needed mama and family time, the babe (who has been sick with a cold and some awful teething) is finally napping, my hubby is busy working and I am sitting here listening to the ultimate comfort music…classical. I have much to talk about, but I’ve decided to not make this a long drawn out post. Instead, I’ll start where I left off and work my way up until this beautiful windy October day.

Speaking of October…I have to say fall is one of the aspects of United States living I missed the most. While I loved spending my days in shorts and tank tops all year round in Costa Rica, I’m quite content bundling up with an extra shirt and feeling the crisp fall air on my face as I leave for work every morning. I kind of forgot how much I missed seasons and all of the traditions that go along with it. Our house is now filled with spiced candles, hints of the upcoming Halloween (I have sort of become that mom who flourishes with pride as the decorations go up) and just like every other house on our block…I have the seasonal Mums that signify autumn is indeed here. Oddly enough…I even missed raking all of those leaves. I suppose being away for three years has helped remind me about the little things in U.S. life that I seemed to have taken for granted. I never thought I’d like having house projects and chores, but normalcy has certainly brought an abundant amount of happiness to my soul.

This weather has been perfect to go on walks and I have been quite ambitious as my walks have included bringing Lola in her stroller as well as our two lunatic dogs, Zara and Zoe. I always saw these young moms with their kid in the stroller and their dog walking ever so properly next to them, but that’s not us. I have had several people comment that “You look like you have your hands full”, but I just smile and keep on walking while I mutter mind your business under my breath. I’m not kidding of course. But regardless of how difficult it is in the first five minutes, us girls (yes I refer to my dogs as one of “us” girls too) get in our rhythm and we manage to truly enjoy ourselves. Lola loves looking at the beautiful colors and she has begun to torment the dogs with toys that she dangles in their faces. She has figured out that I (mom) am the one pushing the stroller and she gets such a kick out of turning around and seeing me. It is so cute!

The White River (literally half a block from our house)

Our little ole street

Along with going on walks, we have been spending a lot of time outside raking leaves, pulling weeds and just letting Lola explore in the yard. She comes in with feet as black as coal and leaves in every orifice imaginable, but she loves it. She loves the grass, the leaves, the little rake that is just the right size for her (next year she will definitely be put to work!) and she just likes being wherever her daddy and I are. It makes doing outside chores rather nice as the babe is always content and we are finally able to work without getting eaten alive by mosquitoes.

Pulling weeds

Besides her little cold, Lola is continuing to blossom just as we knew she would. Rob has always said “Once she learns something, she just gets it” and I find that to be so true. Her ability to stand is simply blowing me away. Just a couple of short weeks ago, she stood on her ankles and she showed virtually no strength in her legs, but she was standing and we were SO proud of that. Now this week, she does the proper half kneel to standing and for the most part, she stands flat footed. And let me just say girlfriend is pulling herself up everywhere! In her crib, on tables, on the wall, in the grocery cart and even in the bath tub. While I’m ecstatic about this new milestone, it also has implemented this new-found panic in motherhood that I hadn’t experienced before. She has had a couple of bumps and bruises, but she is resilient and she picks herself right back up and tries again. She has even begun to take a couple of baby steps while holding on to something in an effort to get closer. It is so foreign to us which makes it unbelievably remarkable to see.

Flat feet – yeah!

OK – so this ended up being longer than I anticipated, but I have even more to share so I’ll be back soon with an update on Lola’s visit with Ann Hughes from VIPS-Bloomington as well as my amazing weekend with my best friends at the Through the Looking Glass Gala.

Happy Fall everybody!