Birthday Wishes for Lola

Hard to believe we’ll have a two year old this week as Lola’s birthday is on Friday, January 4th. I’ve received a lot of questions about what to get her and to be honest, the girl really doesn’t need anything. I’ve been trying to come up with ideas, but only one keeps coming to mind. While just a good birthday thought would do yet if you wish to do something, please consider donating to VIPS-Bloomington on Lola’s behalf. This may not seem like it benefits Lola, but in truth, it definitely does. If VIPS doesn’t get funding then Lola as well as other blind and visually impaired kids don’t get the vision services they so badly need. Lola will most likely be in VIPS for another year (she’ll age out at three years old), but the number of children VIPS services will continue to increase as they are the ONLY organization to help the young blind and visually impaired population of Indiana.

If you are interested in donating, you can go to, click on “Donate Now” and then select “Donate to VIPS-Bloomington General Fund” or you may send a check to:

2600 Henderson St. #154
Bloomington, Indiana 47401

On Lola’s birthday last year, I had our close friends write down their favorite quotes and I called the little project “Life Quotes for Lola”.

I, myself, am horrible at remembering quotes and I know Lola will indeed experience many ups and downs in life so in those moments I want to be able to say “You know your grandmother used to tell me…” or “As your favorite Aunt Jada used to say…” So this year I thought it would be fun to welcome all of you to share your best quotes about life. They can be sayings, other peoples quotes, your own quotes and just everyday words to live by. I’m sure this goes without saying but please keep it clean.

To submit your life quote for Lola, simply send it to our mailbox or submit it via our Facebook page or you may comment at the end of this post. Please include the quote, the author, your name (first name only is fine) and the city in which you reside. I plan on sharing some of the quotes on the blog, so if you wish to remain anonymous, please just say so.

I hope you have all have a Happy New Year! Stay safe!