Embracing the New

Penned by Meredith

Part of living in Costa Rica (or any foreign country for that matter) is that you must be open to new traditions. Lately I find myself struggling with longing for the past. The times where I was surrounded by my parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and all things familiar. Like I have mentioned before, I am so grateful to have my mom and Steve here in CR, but I still long for the days of big grandiose Thanksgivings filled with a family’s love and laughter or blueberry pancakes at my Grandma Ruth’s Christmas morning or a matinée movie at the theater with the rest of the family later Xmas Day. But, things have changed. Family members have passed, others have moved, while some are still in my hometown. I suppose I have officially grown up. And now with Lola on the way, it is time that I focus on the little family that Rob and I have created. We are now beginning new traditions with new people. And while I will always miss the way my family once was, I am accepting the fact that life does indeed go on. I can either fight the inevitable or I can embrace it… I think I’ll start embracing it.

Some damn good grub
Pretty traditional spread given not all T-Day items are available here
I think my favorite course of the evening…dessert
Myself with my amazing husband Rob – he is who I thank the heavens for daily
I think I officially “popped” after that meal – there I am at 34 weeks

I didn’t post pics of all the great people that hosted our Turkey Day dinner, but only because I didn’t ask if they would want to be featured on our blog. To those of you that treated Rob and I as if we were indeed part of the family… thank you!